Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Season 19 All-Star Coverage

Season 19's All-Star game is upon us, let's take a look at who made the teams!

In the American League, the great Alberto Campos leads the way, making his 9th appearance, although it's his first with his new team, Pawtucket. Livan Espinoza of Little Rock is making his 7th appearance, the next most of the AL All-Stars.  New York led the way with 5 players making the team, with 12 different teams represented.  There were 13 first-time All-Stars in the AL.

In the National League, Jeremy Randall keeps adding to his Hall of Fame credentials, making his 10th All-Star appearance.  Other all-time great on the squad include Ivy Mench (9th appearance), Jimmie Soto (9th appearance), David Silva (8th appearance), Ernie Hines (7th appearance), and J.C. Ganzel (7th appearance).  What a group indeed, and impressive that 4 of the players are from Buffalo, who had the most All-Stars with 6, while the other two come from Honolulu.  11 different teams are represented on the NL squad, which includes 12 first-time All-Stars.

Here are the complete rosters!

American League All-Stars

Player Franchise Appearance
C Ricky Ford Seattle 2nd
1B Sherman Dunston San Francisco 1st
2B Kyle Surtain Atlanta 4th
3B Emmanuel Moya New York 2nd
SS Delino Santana Little Rock 5th
LF Jose Reyes Pawtucket 4th
CF Sidney Forbes Toronto 5th
RF Bernie Jackson New York 3rd
DH Omar Valentin Charlotte 1st


Player Franchise Appearance
P J.D. Willis New York 1st
P Deven Fielder New York 1st
P Rico Tejera Boston 2nd
P Cristobal Colon Oakland 1st
P Henry Colin Seattle 1st
P Sal Nelson Atlanta 2nd
P Ham Sampson Seattle 2nd
P Yoshinori Chang New York 1st
P Zachrey Coleman Toronto 6th
P Collin Pettibone Oakland 1st
P Alberto Campos Pawtucket 9th
P Robb Gumbs Oakland 1st
P Alex Rivera Little Rock 1st


Player Franchise Appearance
C Livan Espinoza Little Rock 7th
1B Nick Spence Helena 1st
2B Mo Ferguson Little Rock 4th
3B David Frias Boston 3rd
SS Banana Bergeron New Britain 1st
LF Geraldo Perez New Britain 4th
CF Rex Kennedy Helena 1st
RF Luis Guerrero New Britain 2nd

AL All-Stars by Team
New York 5
Little Rock 4
New Britain 3
Oakland 3
Seattle 3
Atlanta 2
Boston 2
Helena 2
Pawtucket 2
Toronto 2
Charlotte  1
San Francisco 1

National League All-Stars

Player Franchise Appearance
C Jeremy Randall Buffalo 10th
1B Alex Sanchez Tucson 4th
2B Patrick Grieve Louisville 1st
3B Ernie Hines Buffalo 7th
SS Edgar Olivares Oklahoma City 3rd
LF Ivy Mench Honolulu 9th
CF Norm Hodges Santa Cruz 4th
RF J.C. Ganzel Honolulu 7th


Player Franchise Appearance
P Jimmie Soto Buffalo 9th
P David Silva Buffalo 8th
P Glen Stokes Richmond 1st
P Gio Navarro Tucson 1st
P Tim Blair Syracuse 2nd
P Yuniesky Gutierrez Honolulu 1st
P Jhoulys Izturis Honolulu 1st
P Armando Dali Salt Lake City 1st
P Markus Nelson Rochester 6th
P Steve Decker Buffalo 1st
P Tuck Huff Salt Lake City 1st
P Marshall Hatfield Salt Lake City 1st
P Eugene Aardsma Oklahoma City 1st
P Herbert Vina Rochester 1st


Player Franchise Appearance
C Trenidad Franco Salt Lake City 4th
1B Luis Navarro Oklahoma City 3rd
2B Albert Valenzuela Buffalo 5th
3B Tony Bonifacio Santa Cruz 4th
SS Pepe Mendoza Memphis 1st
LF Shane Curtis Rochester 3rd
CF Mandy Mahler Tucson 3rd
RF Bob Patterson Syracuse 3rd

NL All-Stars by Team
Buffalo 6
Honolulu 4
Salt Lake City 4
Oklahoma City 3
Rochester 3
Tucson  3
Santa Cruz 2
Syracuse 2
Louisville 1
Memphis 1
Richmond 1

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