Thursday, April 20, 2017

Season 24 Wrap Up - Richmond Comes Out on Top!

Richmond Manamfasha (NL)
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Richmond Wins Their Third Title in Five Seasons!

The Season 24 Playoffs were a battle yet again, and it's Richmond, ranked #7 in the final power rankings, that came out of it with their 3rd Kenny Powers title in 5 seasons.  Richmond defeated Boise in the World Series in 5 games.  Perhaps Boise didn't have much left in the tank after defeating the top 2 teams in the final power rankings, Helena and Little Rock, in the previous 2 rounds.  The Richmond bats stepped it up in the postseason, clubbing 24 Home Runs in 14 games and finishing with an OPS 77 points higher than their regular season totals.  When the bats get going for the world's top ranked pitching team, they are going to be tough to beat, which was the case during the playoffs, as Richmond's #1 staff continued their excellence with 3.06 playoff ERA.  It was an impressive run for Boise as well, as their pitching staff also majorly stepped it up in the playoffs, which allowed them to topple two 108+ win teams on their way to the World Series.  They couldn't get over that final hump, but congratulations to bubbleboy and Boise on a great run.

That does it for Season 24.  See you back soon for Season 25!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Season 24 Award Winners

Here is your Awards recap for Season 24!

American League - 
Sherman Dunston, Boise - .335 AVG 52 HR 165 RBI
It's just another MVP trophy for Dunston, his 7th.  He did win a batting title in Season 24, the only category he led, and put up very impressive numbers; however, it seems there may have been more deserving candidates this season.  Some must auto-vote for him any time they see him on the ballot. Dunston did not earn any other honors this past season, but he was MVP nonetheless.

National League - Julio Park, Durham - .298 AVG 51 HR 151 RBI
Park, one of the elite power bats in Kenny Powers, put up stellar numbers in leading Durham to their best record in franchise history.  This resulted in him winning his 1st MVP award in Season 24.  Park led the NL in RBI, Slugging and OPS.  He made the All-Star Team, won the Home Run Derby, won a Silver Slugger award and a Gold Glove.  What a season!  He truly did it all in Season 24.

American League - Shawn Olson, Helena - 21-3 2.48 ERA 162 K
The 26 year-old lefty earned his first Cy Young award in Season 24 leading a stellar Helena staff that accumulated an impressive 108 wins.  Olson, the AL's leader in ERA and WHIP, also made his 1st All-Star team in Season 24.  It wouldn't be a surprise to see Olson compete for future Cy Young awards given his impressive ratings, age and the fact that he is on a very strong Helena team.

National League - Tim Blair, Syracuse - 20-2 1.76 ERA 215 K
It's Cy Young award #2 for Blair, who also took the honors in Season 19.  The NL ERA leader tied for the 5th lowest ERA in Kenny Powers history in Season 24, also posting healthy strikeout total.  He also made his 5th All-Star team this past season.  What's even more impressive is that Blair is the career leader in both ERA and WHIP in Kenny Powers, a feat that probably better describes how stellar his career has been.

American League - Hiram Freeman, Madison - .297 AVG 51 HR 145 RBI
It was quite the season for the Madison rookie Right Fielder, showing that the impressive power he demonstrated in the minors translates over to the big leagues.  The #2 pick in the Season 21 draft, Freeman was up for a short stint in Season 23 before getting to play the full year for Madison in Season 24.  Going forward, he's going to get a lot of K's, as he doesn't have the best batting eye, but when he connects it's a good bet the ball could be leaving the yard.

National League - Shooter Perkins, Durham - 12-4 2.67 ERA 91 K
The Durham righty earned his way into the rotation for a very good Durham team in Season 24 and he did not disappoint, taking home Rookie of the Year honors in the NL with 12 wins and a very good ERA, particularly in the hitter-friendly confines of Durham.  Perkins was the #12 pick in the Season 21 draft.  His ratings indicate he should be solid going forward.  If you were to nitpick, his LH split is average, and doesn't have that one great out pitch, but everything else looks great.

American League -  Butch Gray, New York - 2.12 ERA 41 SV, 1st win
National League - Gene Bonilla, Chicago - 4.30 ERA 43 SV, 1st win

American League
DH Wendell Myatt Oakland 2nd
C Richard Tateyama Little Rock 3rd
1B John Greer Boston 2nd
2B Sean Lewis Helena 3rd
3B Geovany Batista New Britain 1st
SS Delino Santana Charlotte 5th
LF Al Hughes Helena 1st
CF Brett Puckett Nashville 2nd
RF Ernest Hancock Little Rock 2nd

National League
P Nate White Washington 1st
C Deven Hernandez Honolulu 2nd
1B Julio Park Durham 2nd
2B Albert Valenzuela Buffalo 7th
3B Elmer Miller Honolulu 1st
SS Brendan O'Neil Oklahoma City 3rd
LF Damon Duran Honolulu 2nd
CF Norm Hodges St. Louis 4th
RF Vic Hall Louisville 2nd

American League
P Che-Bang Uchida Charlotte 1st
C Mule Raymond Seattle 1st
1B Manuel Paez Madison 1st
2B David Meng Little Rock 3rd
3B Armando Vincente Cleveland 2nd
SS Noah Straily New York 2nd
LF Charles Gang Oakland 1st
CF Miguel Cruz Monterrey 1st
RF Walt Silva Boise 3rd

National League
P Floyd Glenn Durham 1st
C Alfonso Estrada Rochester 2nd
1B Julio Park Durham 1st
2B Tim Howard Durham 1st
3B Dingo Price Chicago 2nd
SS Joaquin Ugueto Honolulu 2nd
LF Bert Crosby Durham 1st
CF Saul Santos New York 3rd
RF Darryl Matthews New York 1st