Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Season 12 Wrap Up

Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City Bombers (NL)
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Oklahoma City takes it all in Season 12!

After a hard fought 7 game series in an exciting World Series against Nashville, Oklahoma City has won their 3rd championship in the Kenny Powers World.  As of late, they have ruled the even numbered seasons, taking home the title in Seasons 8, 10, and 12.  Nashville almost ended their even season dominance, take a 3-2 lead by sweeping the three games at their park.  Despite not being able to win on the road this post season, Oklahoma City was equally as dominant at home as they were bad on the road, going undefeated at home in bringing home the trophy.  Catcher Braden Rodney was a key offensive force for Oklahoma City in the playoffs, going deep six times and driving in 12.  Cy Young winner Richard Ma continued his regular season dominance in the playoffs, going 5-0 with a 1.62 ERA. 

Congrats to Oklahoma City on capping off a most interesting postseason with another title.  A big congratulations on a great season goes out to Nashville as well.  Not many expected them to be the force they were this season, as in the preseason power rankings they were # 28 after going 58-104 in Season 11.  Great turnaround, and I'm sure they will continue to be a presence in the AL. 

That does it for Season 12, tell your friends, family, coworkers, etc. about the joys of playing in the Kenny Powers World, as it looks like we'll have a few openings to fill.   Still, we're hoping for a quick rollover, so we can get Season 13 under way as soon as possible.   Thanks for another great season!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Season 12 Awards Recap

With Oklahoma City and Nashville in the midst of battling it out for the World Series, the awards for Season 12 were handed out.  Let's see who the winners were!

Most Valuable Player
American League - Ivy Mench, Pawtucket -.313 AVG 46 HR 127 RBI
Ivy Mench led a powerful Pawtucket offense this season in route to capturing his first MVP award.  He led the league in OBP, was an all-star starter, and won a Silver Slugger award, his 2nd.  At only 26, he should be an MVP contender for many seasons to come. 

National League - Jeremy Randall, Buffalo -.312 AVG 44 HR 102 RBI
Jeremy Randall, Buffalo's star 25 year-old catcher, captured his 2nd MVP award (he also won in season 9) with another fantastic season.  He led the NL in OBP, SLG and OPS, was a starter in the All-Star game, and won his 4th Silver Slugger award.  Randall is another young player who will continue to rack up accolades for seasons to come. 

Cy Young Award
American League - Clyde Hurst, Vancouver - 19-6 2.41 ERA 241 K
Pitching wise, Clyde Hurst led the AL this season in, well, just about everything.  It wasn't a close race at all as Hurst was clearly the best pitcher in the AL yet again, as this is his 4th Cy Young win and 3rd in a row.  He has as many Cy Young Awards than all-star appearances, as he made his 4th this season.  At age 29, there's no telling how many more Cy Youngs he can win, especially with no other pitchers in the AL stepping up to challenge him. 

National League - Richard Ma, Oklahoma City - 21-3 2.17 ERA 183 K
Richard Ma led an outstanding Oklahoma City pitching staff to win his 2nd Cy Young award in 3 seasons.  Ma won the NL ERA title, tied for the lead in wins, and made his 5th All-Star team.  Amazingly, he also threw two no-hitters this season!  It pretty much doesn't get much better than that, and at age 28, Ma has many more great seasons to come. 

Rookie of the Year
American League - Kyle Surtain, Detroit - .278 AVG 32 HR 80 RBI
Detroit's 23 year-old up-and-coming Right Fielder, Kurt Surtain, took home AL Rookie of the Year honors, with a solid season.  Surtain has tremendous power and as a great all-around hitter, so future all-star appearances should be in his future.  He also has nice speed, as he stole 13 bases this season.  He also made the All-Star team this season.

National League - Jeff Jennings, Las Vegas - 17-8 3.41 ERA 114 K
Jeff Jennings took home the NL Rookie of the Year award in a unique Starter/Long Reliever role.  Whenever he came into pitch, he was very effective and racked up 17 wins with a solid 3.41 ERA.  He has highly effective pitches, but is mediocre vs. lefties, and his RH split isn't that great either.  He doesn't have elite talent, but could contend for future awards, even though it's not a given.  Still, hats off to a very impressive rookie season for Jennings.  

Fireman of the Year
American League - King Stoops, Chicago - 2.72 ERA, 48 SV - 3rd Win
National League - Jamie Mancuso, Memphis - 1.31 ERA, 51 SV - 2nd Win

Silver Slugger Awards
American League

DH  Al Soto  Vancouver  1st
C  Livan Espinoza  Little Rock 1st
1B  Javier Sivilla  Pawtucket 1st
2B  Sherman Perez  Pawtucket 2nd
3B  Chipper Nippert  Vancouver  3rd
SS  Luis Vega  Pawtucket 4th
LF  Joey Aumont  Vancouver  1st
CF  Weldon Rando  Cincinnati 2nd
RF  Ivy Mench  Pawtucket 2nd

National League

P Allan Blackley Boston 1st
C Jeremy Randall Buffalo 4th
1B Yuniesky Diaz Tampa Bay 2nd
2B Joaquin Valverde Oklahoma City 5th
3B Allan Farquhar Tampa Bay 1st
SS Sammy Ozuna Chicago 1st
LF Jack McMichael Tacoma 2nd
CF Felix Cochrane Memphis 1st
RF Al Martin Tacoma 2nd

Gold Glove Awards 
American League

P Cristian Wanatabe Texas 1st
C Heinie Pecina New York 1st
1B Otto Gibson Seattle 1st
2B P.T. Henriquez Augusta 3rd
3B Chipper Nippert Vancouver 3rd
SS Tom Post Dover 3rd
LF Dennis Bailey Augusta 1st
CF Pepe Mendoza Little Rock 3rd
RF Clyde Rosen Boise 1st

National League

P Allan Blackley Boston 1st
C Darren Riley Salem 1st
1B Pablo Montanez Louisville 1st
2B Alfonso Castro Tampa Bay 1st
3B Tony Bonifacio Las Vegas 1st
SS Bryant Swift Las Vegas 4th
LF Alving Machado Memphis 1st
CF Luis Estalella Indianapolis 1st
RF Chad Whitaker Louisville 1st

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Season 12 League Leaders

Now that the regular season is complete, here's a recap of the Season 12 League Leaders!


In the American League, Al Soto appeared atop of the league leaders three times, leading the AL in Home Runs (56), RBI (156) and Slugging Percentage (.648). Ivy Mench also had an excellent season, leading the AL in OBP (.413) and OPS (1.015).  A new single season record for Stolen Bases was set by Weldon Rando with an astounding 111!  Rando broke his own record, as he also holds spots 2-4 on the list of most Stolen Bases in a single season.

In the National League, Jeremy Randall had a great season leading the league in OBP (.459), Slugging (.646) and OPS (1.105). Bey Relaford captured both the Home Run (48) and RBI (141) titles.

Here's the complete list of offensive league leaders!

American League

Batting Average Bernie Jackson Boise .335
Home Runs Al Soto Vancouver 56
RBI Al Soto Vancouver 156
Stolen Bases Weldon Rando Cincinnati 111
Hits Billy Beaulac Vancouver 194
Runs Salvador Mendoza Colorado 123
OBP Ivy Mench Pawtucket .413
SLG Al Soto Vancouver .648
OPS Ivy Mench Pawtucket 1.015

National League

Batting Average Mike Russell Las Vegas .325
Home Runs Bey Relaford Buffalo 48
RBI Bey Relaford Buffalo 141
Stolen Bases Paul McInerney Buffalo 62
Hits Randall Holt Helena 197
Runs Felix Cochrane Memphis 118
OBP Jeremy Randall Buffalo .459
SLG Jeremy Randall Buffalo .646
OPS Jeremy Randall Buffalo 1.105


Pitching wise, in the American League, Clyde Hurst had a decent year leading the AL in ERA, Wins, Strikeouts, WHIP, Complete Games and Shutouts.  Disappointingly, he only tied for the league lead in quality starts.  Despite that, we have an inkling he'll win his record breaking 4th Cy Young, and 3rd in a row this season.  His 3 Shutouts tied the mark for 5th most all-time.

In the NL, Richard Ma won the ERA title, and tied for the most wins. Che-Bang Kata took home yet another Strikeout title, led the league in WHIP, and tied for most Quality Starts. Jamie Mancuso and Damaso Perez tied the mark for 4th most Saves all-time with 51 each.

Here are the Season 12 Pitching League Leaders!

American League

ERA Clyde Hurst Vancouver 2.41
Wins Clyde Hurst Vancouver 19
Strikeouts Clyde Hurst Vancouver 241
Saves Kings Stoops Chicago 48
WHIP Clyde Hurst Vancouver 0.99
Innings Pitched Clyde Hurst Vancouver 261.2
Quality Starts Clyde Hurst Vancouver 27

Erubiel Troncoso Cincinnati 27
Complete Games Clyde Hurst Vancouver 10
Shutouts Clyde Hurst Vancouver 3

National League

ERA Richard Ma Oklahoma City 2.17
Wins Richard Ma Oklahoma City 21

Jimmie Soto Buffalo 21
Strikeouts Che-Bang Kata Tacoma 240
Saves Jamie Mancuso Memphis 51

Damaso Perez Tacoma 51
WHIP Che-Bang Kata Tacoma 1.03
Innings Pitched Ramiro Vazquez Rochester 246.2
Quality Starts Matty Posada Louisville 28

Che-Bang Kata Tacoma 28
Complete Games Douglas Telford Burlington 8
Shutouts Damion Xaio Helena 2

Steve Lampkin Rochester 2

Richard Ma Oklahoma City 2

Ellis Brock Tampa Bay 2