Thursday, March 28, 2013

Season 11 League Leaders

Now that the regular season is over, here's a look at Season 11's League Leaders.

In the American League, good things came in two, Wilton Gang led the league in batting average (.364) and OBP (.429), Butch Borland led the league in Home Runs (50) and RBI (140), while Dover teammate Roger Baker led the league in slugging percentage (.644) and OPS (1.051).  Another player who doubled up was Weldon Rando who led the league in runs (139) and Stolen Bases (89).  His 89 stolen bases were 2nd most in World history, and he also happens to own the records for 1st and 3rd most!  In the NL, Robb Ross was the only one to lead multiple categories, as he was the leader in batting average (.348), slugging percentage (.646) and OBP (1.073).  Here's the complete listing of offensive leaders:

American League

Batting Average Wilton Gang Little Rock 0.364
Home Runs Butch Borland Dover 50
RBI Butch Borland Dover 140
Stolen Bases Weldon Rando Cincinnati 89
Hits Luis Vega Pawtucket 200
Runs Weldon Rando Cincinnati 139
OBP Wilton Gang Little Rock 0.429
SLG Roger Baker Dover 0.644
OPS Roger Baker Dover 1.051

National League

Batting Average Robb Ross Boston 0.348
Home Runs Eugene Quirarte Helena 44
RBI Joaquin Valverde Oklahoma City 137
Stolen Bases Tony Moyer Salem 63
Hits Bob Cambridge Louisville 193
Runs Billy Beualac Tampa Bay 117
OBP David Ontiveros Louisville 0.440
SLG Robb Ross Boston 0.646
OPS Robb Ross Boston 1.073

In the AL, it was all about Clyde Hurst. In a tremendous year, he lead the league in ERA (2.42), Strikeouts (213), WHIP (1.06) and Quality Starts (28).  Seems to me like he should be picking up a record tying 3rd Cy Young award this season. Steve Lampkin led the league in wins (21) and tied for the lead in Complete Games. Al Hollandsworth tied for the lead in Complete Games (6) and Shutouts (2).  In the NL, Che-Bang Kata led the league in innings pitched (254), strikeouts (253) and tied for the lead in quality starts (28).  Kata's 253 strikeouts came just short of breaking the top 5 best in World History, but Kata can be consoled by the fact that he, himself has all 5 of the top 5 best seasons in strikeouts, wow! Matty Posada recorded the 3rd most wins in World history with 24 and also tied Kata for most quality starts with 28. Dan Ohlendorf recorded 51 saves, 4th most in World history. Richard Ma recorded a 0.97 WHIP, which only 3 people have topped, but I didn't calculate it down to the decimal point to see if it's a true top 5.  Here's the complete listing of pitching leaders:

American League

ERA Clyde Hurst Vancouver 2.42
Wins Steve Lampkin Little Rock 21
Strikeouts Clyde Hurst Vancouver 213
Saves Alfredo Jose Augusta 49
WHIP Clyde Hurst Vancouver 1.06
Innings Pitched Nicholas Johnstone Los Angeles 252
Quality Starts Clyde Hurst Vancouver 28
Complete Games Steve Lampkin Little Rock 6

Al Hollandsworth Seattle 6
Shutouts Al Hollandsworth Seattle 2

R.J. Vidal Seattle 2

Elvis Singleton New Britain 2

National League

ERA Brad Miles Tampa Bay 1.90
Wins Matty Posada Louisville 24
Strikeouts Che-Bang Kata Tacoma 253
Saves Dan Ohlendorf Salem 51
WHIP Richard Ma Oklahoma City 0.97
Innings Pitched Che-Bang Kata Tacoma 254
Quality Starts Matty Posada Louisville 28

Che-Bang Kata Tacoma 28
Complete Games Ramiro Vazquez Rochester 7
Shutouts Ramiro Vazquez Rochester 3

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Season 11 Final Power Rankings

The final power rankings for this season are out, and it's interesting that #1 and #2 were from the same division and are on course for a clash in the 2nd round of the playoffs.  Doesn't seem fair!  See where your team finished in the final rankings!

Team  W L PREV Comments
1 Oklahoma City 120 42 1 Not enough superlatives to describe this season
2 Louisville 105 57 2 # 2 in the rankings, # 2 in their division, rough.
3 Little Rock  99 63 4 # 1 in AL, numbers up all around the last 54
4 New Britain  98 64 3 # 2 AL team really had great pitching the last 54
5 Vancouver  90 72 10 # 4 AL seed is a very balanced squad
6 Pawtucket  96 66 11 # 3 AL seed, #1 offense, but shaky pitching
7 Cincinnati 94 68 9 # 5 AL Seed had improved pitching in the last 54
8 Seattle 86 76 17 Great last 54, but not enough to get in the playoffs
9 Dover  91 71 5 Great offense, but mediocre last 54, no playoffs
10 Buffalo  88 74 12 # 2 NL seed, will the bats produce in the playoffs?
11 Augusta  93 69 6 # 6 AL seed, numbers down the last 54
12 Monterrey 85 77 15 Nice finish, with improved pitching
13 Boston  83 79 18 # 3 NL seed played well down the stretch
14 Texas  78 84 20 Great offense and improved pitching the last 54
15 Cleveland 82 80 7 Bad luck the last 54, numbers say they're better
16 Memphis  81 81 19 Rank # 2 in pitching, but needs to improve offense
17 Tampa Bay 84 78 13 # 6 NL seed was mediocre the last 54
18 Tacoma  84 78 8 Tough last 54, pitching and offense were down
19 Rochester 83 79 14 Numbers were down on offense the last 54
20 Salem 82 80 22 Nice finish, due to pitching, got them # 4 NL seed
21 Burlington  82 80 21 Over .500 the last 54 with a nice bump in pitching
22 Helena 76 86 23 Pitching came around a bit the last 54
23 Durham  73 89 26 Better pitching here too over the final 54. 
24 Chicago  68 94 24 New owner did a good job here and they improved
25 Philadelphia  71 91 16 Really bad down the stretch, rough all around
26 San Jose  64 98 27 Improved down the stretch, offense was better
27 San Diego 56 106 30 Also improved the last 54, pitching was up
28 Pittsburgh  72 90 25 Rough stretch run, pitching was an issue all season
29 Montreal  59 103 31 Numbers improved the last 54, but rough overall
30 Nashville  58 104 29 Terrible pitching hurt them all season
31 Portland  61 101 28 Lack of offense was a problem all season
32 Los Angeles 50 112 32 Showed signs of life the last 54 with a new owner

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Minimum Win Rules Effective Season 12

Here are the new minimum win rules I have crafted that will be effective in Season 12.

Minimum Win Threshold - 55 wins (1 season), 185 wins (3 seasons)
Minimum Win Threshold for first year owners in the world - 50 wins

Owners who do not meet the threshold can be put on probation (aka given a "strike") up to 2 times if it is determined they are putting forth a reasonable effort and abiding by other world rules.  If determined not to be putting forth a reasonable effort and abiding by other world rules, they may be ejected from the world immediately. 

Probation will not be granted a third time.  Three strikes and you're out. 

Three consecutive seasons of meeting the threshold will result in all previous "strikes" being erased from your record.

Replacement Owners - the season they take over the team does not count as a  "strike" against them.

This policy will not be retroactive, it will be applied going forward starting with Season 12.  No owners will incur a "strike" for their Season 11 record, and all Season 11 owners are welcome back for Season 12. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Season 11 - 108 Game Power Rankings

Here are the power rankings through game 108.   Oklahoma City was a dominant #1 in the previous rankings, will anyone be able to catch them? Here are the rankings!

Team  W L PREV Comments
1 Oklahoma City 80 28 1 Playing just great instead of out of this world lately
2 Louisville 67 41 9 Best record in the world the last 54 games
3 New Britain  66 42 7 Team is solid across the board
4 Little Rock  66 42 3 Numbers have slipped a little, but still good
5 Dover  64 44 6 Offense is great, pitching is average
6 Augusta  64 44 5 Getting it done with great pitching
7 Cleveland 60 48 8 Injury to Dale hurts, but still hanging in there
8 Tacoma  62 46 10 Outstanding pitching, offense mediocre 
9 Cincinnati 61 47 15 Pitching has improved, offense still solid
10 Vancouver  59 49 11 Improved pitching, but offense has stalled a bit
11 Pawtucket  61 47 2 .500 over the last 54, numbers are down 
12 Buffalo  60 48 4 Another team with a big jump in ERA
13 Tampa Bay 57 51 19 Playing above .500 ball, after an average start
14 Rochester 57 51 14 Better over the last 54 due to improved pitching
15 Monterrey 56 52 18 ERA is still bad, but down, and offense is great
16 Philadelphia  53 55 25 Playing well after a bad start, up 9 spots
17 Seattle 53 55 17 Pitching is solid, offense is up, but still not great
18 Boston  54 54 12 ERA has been up, and offense down 
19 Memphis  52 56 20 Great ptiching, but offense ranks 2nd worst
20 Texas  50 58 13 Pitching got worse, and offense cooled down a bit
21 Burlington  54 54 24 ERA has come down a bit, offense is up too
22 Salem 53 55 23 Decent pitching, but getting no offense whatsoever
23 Helena 52 56 22 Pitching hasn't been able to get them to next level
24 Chicago  46 62 27 Over .500 the last 54, playing better
25 Pittsburgh  53 55 16 Pitching has been roughed up the last 54
26 Durham  47 61 26 Offense not what you would expect in hitter's park
27 San Jose  39 69 21 The wheels have fallen off, 16-38 in last 54
28 Portland  41 67 30 Improved over last 54, pitching is coming around
29 Nashville  38 70 28 Improving a bit, as pitching is getting better
30 San Diego 34 74 31 Numbers are improving across the board
31 Montreal  39 69 29 Terrible pitching, and not much on offense
32 Los Angeles 30 78 32 New management is getting this team in order

Friday, March 1, 2013

Season 11 All-Star Coverage

The All-Star break is upon us in Season 11, and the all-star teams are official.  Two NL players are far ahead of the field in terms of appearances.

Starting RF Pablo Montanez is making his 9th all-star appearance, which is pretty darn impressive since there's only been 11 seasons.  The former MVP is enjoying another great season, batting a stellar .345 with 13 HR and 47 RBI.

NL hurler Che-Bang Kata is making an 8th appearance in the all-star game this season.  The three-time Cy Young winner may be on his way to collecting a 4th, with a 2.21 ERA to go with a 12-5 record thus far this season.

Augusta had the most players on the roster in the AL with 6, and Oklahoma City had 6 in the NL.  Not surprisingly, both are first place teams.

Here's the complete rosters, and number of players by team for both the AL and NL



Player  Franchise  Appearance
C  Livan Espinoza  Little Rock  2nd
1B  Alan McDill  Dover 4th
2B  Sherman Perez  Pawtucket 5th
3B  Alex Matos  Nashville  1st
SS  Lonnie Suppan  Vancouver  1st
LF  Butch Borland  Dover 2nd
CF  Marshall Wood  Augusta  3rd
RF  Ivy Mench  Pawtucket 3rd
DH  Roger Baker  Dover 1st


Player  Franchise  Appearance
P  Alfredo Jose  Augusta  1st
P  Steve Lampkin  Little Rock  3rd
P  P.J. Glynn  Vancouver  1st
P  Julio Almanza  Dover 6th
P  Justin Jordan  Augusta  2nd
P  Blaine Hatfield  Augusta  4th
P  Clyde Hurst  Vancouver  3rd
P  Shawn Higginson  New Britain  1st
P  Felipe Roque  Dover 1st
P  Tito Fox  Pawtucket 2nd
P  Michael Betemit  Monterrey  3rd
P  Antonio Kwon  New Britain  4th
P  Bruce Prince  New Britain  2nd
C  Trenidad Franco  Pawtucket 2nd
1B  Kenny Clarke  Augusta  3rd
2B  Lon Sappelt  Cincinnati  1st
3B  Chipper Nippert  Vancouver  4th
SS  Marc Towers  Texas 1st
LF  P.T. Henriquez  Augusta  1st
CF  Ivan Cruz  New Britain  3rd
RF  Ralph Erving  Vancouver  3rd

AL All-Stars by Team 
Augusta  6
Dover 5
Vancouver 5
New Britain 4
Pawtucket 4
Little Rock 2
Cincinnati 1
Monterrey 1
Nashville 1
Texas 1



Player  Franchise  Appearance
C  Jeremy Randall  Buffalo 2nd
1B  Wandy Javier  Rochester 3rd
2B  Robb Ross  Boston  2nd
3B  Humberto Lee  Memphis  1st
SS  Jose Alonso  Oklahoma City  5th
LF  Bob Cambridge  Louisville  2nd
CF  Sidney Forbes  Cleveland  1st
RF  Pablo Montanez  Louisville  9th


Player  Franchise  Appearance
P  Dan Ohlendorf  Salem  1st
P  Matty Posada  Louisville  4th
P  Richard Ma  Oklahoma City  4th
P  Dusty Cook  Helena  2nd
P  David Silva  Buffalo 1st
P  Jamie Mancuso  Memphis  5th
P  Che-Bang Kata  Tacoma  8th
P  Jason Holmes  Oklahoma City  4th
P  Alberto Campos  Tacoma  3rd
P  Jay Borbon  Burlington  6th
P  Ramiro Vazquez  Rochester 3rd
P  Brad Miles  Tampa Bay  2nd
P  Farmer Sadler  Oklahoma City  1st
P  Ignacio Flores  Memphis  1st
C  Curt Fletcher  Tacoma  4th
1B  Randall Holt  Helena  3rd
2B  Joaquin Valverde  Oklahoma City  4th
3B  Ernie Hines  Buffalo 2nd
SS  Victor Lopez  Tampa Bay  1st
LF  Jack McMichael  Tacoma  5th
CF  Felix Cochrane  Memphis  1st
RF  Cesar Redondo  Oklahoma City  2nd

NL All-Stars by Team
Oklahoma City 6
Memphis 4
Tacoma 4
Buffalo 3
Louisville 3
Helena 2
Rochester 2
Tampa Bay 2
Boston 1
Burlington 1
Cleveland 1
Salem 1