Friday, March 1, 2013

Season 11 All-Star Coverage

The All-Star break is upon us in Season 11, and the all-star teams are official.  Two NL players are far ahead of the field in terms of appearances.

Starting RF Pablo Montanez is making his 9th all-star appearance, which is pretty darn impressive since there's only been 11 seasons.  The former MVP is enjoying another great season, batting a stellar .345 with 13 HR and 47 RBI.

NL hurler Che-Bang Kata is making an 8th appearance in the all-star game this season.  The three-time Cy Young winner may be on his way to collecting a 4th, with a 2.21 ERA to go with a 12-5 record thus far this season.

Augusta had the most players on the roster in the AL with 6, and Oklahoma City had 6 in the NL.  Not surprisingly, both are first place teams.

Here's the complete rosters, and number of players by team for both the AL and NL



Player  Franchise  Appearance
C  Livan Espinoza  Little Rock  2nd
1B  Alan McDill  Dover 4th
2B  Sherman Perez  Pawtucket 5th
3B  Alex Matos  Nashville  1st
SS  Lonnie Suppan  Vancouver  1st
LF  Butch Borland  Dover 2nd
CF  Marshall Wood  Augusta  3rd
RF  Ivy Mench  Pawtucket 3rd
DH  Roger Baker  Dover 1st


Player  Franchise  Appearance
P  Alfredo Jose  Augusta  1st
P  Steve Lampkin  Little Rock  3rd
P  P.J. Glynn  Vancouver  1st
P  Julio Almanza  Dover 6th
P  Justin Jordan  Augusta  2nd
P  Blaine Hatfield  Augusta  4th
P  Clyde Hurst  Vancouver  3rd
P  Shawn Higginson  New Britain  1st
P  Felipe Roque  Dover 1st
P  Tito Fox  Pawtucket 2nd
P  Michael Betemit  Monterrey  3rd
P  Antonio Kwon  New Britain  4th
P  Bruce Prince  New Britain  2nd
C  Trenidad Franco  Pawtucket 2nd
1B  Kenny Clarke  Augusta  3rd
2B  Lon Sappelt  Cincinnati  1st
3B  Chipper Nippert  Vancouver  4th
SS  Marc Towers  Texas 1st
LF  P.T. Henriquez  Augusta  1st
CF  Ivan Cruz  New Britain  3rd
RF  Ralph Erving  Vancouver  3rd

AL All-Stars by Team 
Augusta  6
Dover 5
Vancouver 5
New Britain 4
Pawtucket 4
Little Rock 2
Cincinnati 1
Monterrey 1
Nashville 1
Texas 1



Player  Franchise  Appearance
C  Jeremy Randall  Buffalo 2nd
1B  Wandy Javier  Rochester 3rd
2B  Robb Ross  Boston  2nd
3B  Humberto Lee  Memphis  1st
SS  Jose Alonso  Oklahoma City  5th
LF  Bob Cambridge  Louisville  2nd
CF  Sidney Forbes  Cleveland  1st
RF  Pablo Montanez  Louisville  9th


Player  Franchise  Appearance
P  Dan Ohlendorf  Salem  1st
P  Matty Posada  Louisville  4th
P  Richard Ma  Oklahoma City  4th
P  Dusty Cook  Helena  2nd
P  David Silva  Buffalo 1st
P  Jamie Mancuso  Memphis  5th
P  Che-Bang Kata  Tacoma  8th
P  Jason Holmes  Oklahoma City  4th
P  Alberto Campos  Tacoma  3rd
P  Jay Borbon  Burlington  6th
P  Ramiro Vazquez  Rochester 3rd
P  Brad Miles  Tampa Bay  2nd
P  Farmer Sadler  Oklahoma City  1st
P  Ignacio Flores  Memphis  1st
C  Curt Fletcher  Tacoma  4th
1B  Randall Holt  Helena  3rd
2B  Joaquin Valverde  Oklahoma City  4th
3B  Ernie Hines  Buffalo 2nd
SS  Victor Lopez  Tampa Bay  1st
LF  Jack McMichael  Tacoma  5th
CF  Felix Cochrane  Memphis  1st
RF  Cesar Redondo  Oklahoma City  2nd

NL All-Stars by Team
Oklahoma City 6
Memphis 4
Tacoma 4
Buffalo 3
Louisville 3
Helena 2
Rochester 2
Tampa Bay 2
Boston 1
Burlington 1
Cleveland 1
Salem 1

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