Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Season 23 Wrap Up - Helena repeats!

Helena is once again your Champions in Season 23!

Helena was on a mission this postseason, and they could not be stopped, resulting in them become back-to-back champions in Kenny Powers.  After a tremendous regular season, their momentum carried on into the playoffs, defeating Wichita in 4 games, then steamrolling Seattle in 4 games in the ALCS, and finally taking out underdog St. Louis, who had defeated 2 100-win teams on their way to the World Series, in 5 games.  Helena crushed the ball in the postseason, posting a .335 team batting average with 24 Home Runs in 13 games.  While their pitching staff had a 4.50 team ERA in the playoffs, they always came up with big performances when needed and were there to support the incredibly hot offense.  It seems Helena was the team of destiny in Season 23, congrats to bluebaran on going back-to-back and earning a 4th Kenny Powers title overall.   And kudos to St. Louis on a tremendous postseason run, conquering the 2 NL powerhouse 100-win teams to get to the World Series.  A third such triumph was just too much of a task.

That's it for Season 23, see you back for Season 24 after a hopefully quick rollover!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Season 23 Awards Recap

Here's the recap of the Season 23 Award Winners!

American League - Sherman Dunston, Boise - .342 AVG 50 HR 131 RBI
After suffering a long-term injury in Season 22, Dunston bounced back in Season 23 to win his 6th MVP award, which is a new Kenny Powers record!  Dunston led the AL in Batting Average, Slugging and OPS, which was enough to sway voters to give him his record-breaking (in Kenny Powers anyway) 6th trophy.  He also won his 7th Silver Slugger award this season.  If he remains healthy, Dunston could push for the all-time Kenny Powers Home Run and RBI records, although he still has a bit of a way to go on both.

National League - Ken Ingram, Chicago - .300 AVG 65 HR 126 RBI
Ingram also accomplishes a feat that has never been done in Kenny Powers, winning back-to-back MVP's in different leagues.  Ingram won the AL MVP last season as a part of New Britain, and takes home this season's honors in the NL as part of Chicago.  His 65 Home Runs were tied for 4th most all-time in Kenny Powers, and he also led the NL in Slugging.  He won his 4th Silver Slugger and not only made his 5th All-Star team, he won the All-Star Game MVP.  What a season!  This marks Ingram's 3rd MVP win overall, as he also won AL MVP in Season 20.

American League - Ellis Brock, Tampa Bay - 18-8 2.82 ERA 180 K
Brock joins a very small group of hurlers to win the Cy Young Award in both leagues, after coming out with the AL Cy Young Award in a very close race.  Brock also won NL honors in Season 16.  Coincidentally, that franchise was also located in Tampa Bay. Brock led the AL in Strikeouts, while putting up solid numbers across the board elsewhere to notch his 2nd career Cy Young Award.  He also made his 6th All-Star team this season.

National League - Boomer Lange, Chicago - 26-4 2.81 ERA 237 K
Our only first time winner of the major awards this season, Chicago's Lange won the NL Cy Young Award by a substantial margin.  His 26 wins tied for the 3rd most all-time in Kenny Powers history and he also led the NL in Innings Pitched and Quality Starts.  He made his 3rd All-Star team in Season 23 as well.  At just age 25, he is one of the most talented pitchers in Kenny Powers and playing on a very good Chicago squad, should have plenty of more shots to win the Cy Young again.

American League - Sammy Bastardo, Little Rock - 17-1 2.74 ERA 98 K
Bastardo accumulated an impressive win total as a win vulture in the back-end of a tandem starter role.  Still, his team had to win those games, so hats off to him on a most impressive 17-1 mark.  Bastardo has very solid ratings, although isn't a workhorse stamina wise, so the tandem role fits him well.  It will be interesting to see his role in Little Rock going forward, although finishing as the #1 rated team in Kenny Powers at the end of the regular season, it would be a surprise to see a major altering in their strategy.

National League - Burke Gibson, St. Louis - 11-1 2.19 ERA 71 K
It's the year of the reliever in the Rookie of the Year races, as St. Louis setup man Gibson won a close race to take home the NL honors.  Gibson appeared to have a more conventional setup role for the World Series runners up and he was certainly lights out this season in performing those duties.  His outstanding season is a slight surprise, given his minor league totals, but he certainly found the recipe that put it altogether for a stellar season in his rookie campaign.  It will certainly be intriguing to see how he follows it up in his sophomore campaign.

American League - Matty Prieto, Nashville - 3.39 ERA, 38 SV, 1st Win
National League - Rico Tejera, Salem - 4.67 ERA, 45 SV, 2nd Win

American League
DH Angel Perez Little Rock 1st
C Harry Young New Britain 1st
1B Sherman Dunston Boise 7th
2B Sean Lewis Helena 2nd
3B Walt Silva Boise 1st
SS Hiroyuki Masato Boise 1st
LF Albert Mendoza Wichita 1st
CF Brett Puckett Nashville 1st
RF Ernest Hancock Little Rock 1st

National League
P Don Kojima Oklahoma City 1st
C Deven Hernandez Honolulu 1st
1B Ryan Moore Louisville 1st
2B Ken Ingram White Sox 4th
3B Dingo Price White Sox 4th
SS Rodrigo Toregas Louisville 1st
LF Diego Marin White Sox 1st
CF Banana Alexander Richmond 2nd
RF Vic Hall Louisville 1st

American League
P Ham Sampson Seattle 2nd
C Mo Ohka Boston 1st
1B Diego Sanchez Boston 2nd
2B Eli Guillen Nashville 1st
3B Marc Towers Seattle 1st
SS Noah Straily New York 1st
LF J.O. Seanez Charlotte 1st
CF Rex Kennedy Helena 4th
RF Greg Rivers Trenton 1st

National League
P Jimmie Soto Boston 2nd
C Alfonso Estrada Rochester 1st
1B Gary Simmons Syracuse 1st
2B Noe Ortiz New York 1st
3B Pep Saito Houston 1st
SS Joaquin Ugueto Honolulu 1st
LF Greg Gibbons Houston 2nd
CF Saul Santos New York 2nd
RF Rogers Scott Salem 1st

Season 23 Minimum Win Requirement Update

Our minimum win rule in Kenny Powers is 55 wins in one season (50 if you are a first season owner) and 185 wins over 3 seasons. You get 2 "strikes" against the policy, and on the third strike, you're out. If you don't earn any strikes over 3 consecutive seasons, all previous strikes are wiped out.

I'm pleased to report no strikes were earned in Season 23.  whodey17 only won 52; however, does not earn a strike as first season owners only need to win 50.  Also, hrrng_dnn's win total this season does not count against him, as he was a replacement owner in Season 23.

I'm also pleased to report that no current owner has any strikes against them at all.  Additionally, only one team needs to win more than 55 games in Season 24 to avoid a strike - breezee needs to win 58 games to reach 185 wins over three seasons.

Here is the summary through Season 23.  Good job all!

American League 3-Season Needed in 
Team Owner S21 S22 S23  Win Total S24 for 185
Boise Taters bubbleboy 82 88 85 255
Boston SlamPigs themarlyman  79 74 70 223
Charlotte StarLords goodtymes31  72 78 82 232
Columbus Buckeyes horndogs2s 73
Detroit FC Dinamo lfkbibanul  94 82 55 231
Helena Bighorns bluebaran 90 98 107 295
Little Rock Little Necrophiliac Nine ab90 108
Mexico City Cerveceros heinzkill 63
Nashville Neutron Bombs Ghostrunner 78 75 88 241
New Britain Frothing Walruses merott 109 106 63 278
New York Yankees grissom97 73 81
Oakland Invaders jnosek 81 72 58 211
Seattle SuperSonics alogman1 87 88 93 268
Tampa Bay Sunherd Frozenherd * 85 82 89 256
Trenton Witch Burners themojoking 80 78
Wichita Wankers jamesp469 82 89 95 266
National League 3-Season Needed in 
Team Owner S21 S22 S23  Win Total S24 for 185
Buffalo Tiny Chickens AceCards 83 88 78 249
Burlington Giant Pumpkins breezee 69 67 60 196 58
Chicago White Sox slashtc 94 92 106 292
Durham Screwballs oakman310 83 79 96 258
Honolulu Tiki Gods dodgersrays 100 84 84 268
Houston Hornets whodey17 52
Las Vegas Crap Shoot pbsilver11 95 81 87 263
Louisville Sluggers yanks21 82 88 87 257
New York Empire tmfran 76
Oklahoma City Bombers tisi29 92 84 86 262
Richmond Manamfasha TXLnghrn 97 100 101 298
Rochester Garbage Plates jimt14120 74 78 75 227
Salem Ducks trimhunter99 72 79
St. Louis Gunners Er' Back cosborn 76 84 90 250
Syracuse Blizzard groth911  65 88 91 244
Washington D.C. Senators hrrng_dnn

Friday, December 2, 2016

Season 23 League Leaders

Here's a recap of the Season 23 League Leaders!

All-Time Top 5 Performances in Season 23
Stolen Bases - Manuel Paez, Trenton - 109 - 3rd All-Time
Wins - Boomer Lange, Chicago - 26 - Tied for 3rd All-Time
Home Runs - Ken Ingram, Chicago - 65 - 4th All-Time
WHIP - Justin Jordan, Salem - 0.89 - Tied for 4th All-Time

Multiple Category Leaders
Boomer Lange, Chicago (NL) - 3 - W, IP, QS
Sherman Dunston, Boise (AL) - 3 - AVG, SLG, OPS
Ham Sampson, Seattle (AL) - 3 - IP, CG, Shutouts
Ken Ingram, Chicago (NL) - 2 - HR, SLG
Justin Jordan, Salem (NL) - 2 - ERA, WHIP
Deven Fielder, Wichita (AL) - 2 - ERA, WHIP
Ollie Keppel, Burlington (NL) - 2 - CG, Shutouts
George McCartin, Seattle (AL) - 2 - QS, Shutouts

American League
Batting Average Sherman Dunston Boise .342
Home Runs Brett Leach Seattle 55
RBI Sean Lewis Helena 140
Stolen Bases Manuel Paez Trenton 109
Hits Clint Champion Columbus 207
Runs Ernest Hancock Little Rock 131
OBP Luis Guerrero Little Rock .424
SLG Sherman Dunston Boise .655
OPS Sherman Dunston Boise 1.072
National League
Batting Average Sean Hollins Richmond .340
Home Runs Ken Ingram Chicago 65
RBI Rodrigo Toregas Louisville 145
Stolen Bases Howie Hooper Burlington 78
Hits J.C. Ganzel Honolulu 212
Runs Vic Hall Louisville 128
OBP Jimmy Fox Syracuse .412
SLG Ken Ingram Chicago .678
OPS Julio Park Durham 1.007
American League
ERA Deven Fielder Wichita 2.59
Wins Everth Almanzar Helena 20
Strikeouts Ellis Brock Tampa Bay 180
Saves Gregg Clifton New York 40
WHIP Deven Fielder Wichita 1.01
Innings Pitched Ham Sampson Seattle 268.2
Quality Starts George McCartin Seattle 29
Complete Games Ham Sampson Seattle 6
Shutouts 7 Tied 1
National League
ERA Justin Jordan Salem 1.98
Wins Boomer Lange Chicago 26
Strikeouts Nicholas Gil Las Vegas 244
Saves Rijo Tejera Salem 45
WHIP Justin Jordan Salem 0.89
Innings Pitched Boomer Lange Chicago 265.2
Quality Starts Boomer Lange Chicago 30
Complete Games Ollie Keppel Burlington 8
Shutouts Ollie Keppel Burlington 3