Friday, October 24, 2014

Season 16 League Leaders

With the playoffs in full swing, it's a good time to reflect back on the regular season and look at the league leaders.   Let's get right into it!

In the AL, Weldon Rando has not slowed down, stealing 108 bases, only getting caught once!  That's the 2nd most stolen bases in Kenny Powers history, and he now owns the top 5 highest season totals in stolen bases.  He also led the league in runs (134). Sherman Dunston led the league in OBP, SLG and OPS.  What an amazing hitter! Andy Minor had the third highest single season hits total in Kenny Powers history (224).

On the NL side, it was J.C. Ganzel who led the most major categories.  He had 61 home runs, coming in at 5th all-time, and also tied for the league lead in RBI, and led the league in hits and OPS.  Luis Navarro led the league in Runs and OBP, in leading Oklahoma City to the best record this season.

Here are the complete offensive leaders!

American League

Batting Average Bob Patterson Detroit .350
Home Runs Butch Borland Scranton 52
RBI Javier Sivilla Pawtucket 144
Stolen Bases Weldon Rando Toronto 108
Hits Andy Minor Kansas City 224
Runs Weldon Rando Toronto 134
OBP Sherman Dunston San Francisco .412
SLG Sherman Dunston San Francisco .591
OPS Sherman Dunston San Francisco 1.003

National League

Batting Average Morris Washington Rochester .328
Home Runs J.C. Ganzel Honolulu 61
RBI Shane Curtis Rochester 137

J.C. Ganzel Honolulu 137
Stolen Bases Howie Hooper Burlington 57
Hits J.C. Ganzel Honolulu 198
Runs Luis Navarro Oklahoma City 127
OBP Luis Navarro Oklahoma City .446
SLG Richie Lombard San Juan .655
OPS J.C. Ganzel Honolulu 1.024

In the AL, it was a tale of two pitchers. Matty Posada led the league in ERA, Strikeouts, WHIP and tied for the lead in Quality Starts and Complete Games.  Ralph Moseley led the league in Innings Pitched and Wins, and tied for the lead in Quality Starts and Complete Games.  His amazing 27 wins blew the field away, and is in fact the second most in Kenny Powers history!

In the NL, it was a one man show.  It was a truly epic season for Tampa Bay's Ellis Brock, winning the pitching triple crown (league lead in ERA, Wins and Strikeouts) and also led the league in WHIP, Innings Pitched and Quality Starts.  He set a new record for single season WHIP, ranked 2nd all time in ERA and Quality Starts, 3rd all-time in Strikeouts, 5th all-time in Innings Pitched, and tied for 5th all-time in Wins.  What a season.  Honorable mention goes to Jim Forbes of Burlington for leading the league in Complete Games and Shutouts.

Here are the complete pitching leaders!

American League

ERA Matty Posada Nashville 2.48
Wins Ralph Moseley Detroit 27
Strikeouts Matty Posada Nashville 240
Saves Douglas Schlereth Pawtucket 46
WHIP Matty Posada Nashville 1.02
Innings Pitched Ralph Moseley Detroit 257.2
Quality Starts Valerio Baez New Britain 25

Matty Posada Nashville 25

Ralph Moseley Detroit 25
Complete Games Matty Posada Nashville 7

Ralph Moseley Detroit 7
Shutouts Yamid Tapies Chicago 3

Ham Sampson Seattle 3

National League

ERA Ellis Brock Tampa Bay 1.65
Wins Ellis Brock Tampa Bay 23
Strikeouts Ellis Brock Tampa Bay 279
Saves David Silva Tampa Bay 44
WHIP Ellis Brock Tampa Bay 0.84
Innings Pitched Ellis Brock Tampa Bay 268.0
Quality Starts Ellis Brock Tampa Bay 33
Complete Games Jim Forbes Burlington 8
Shutouts Jim Forbes Burlington 3

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Season 16 Final Power Rankings

The regular season has come to an end in Season 16, and it's on to the playoffs, but before then we'll check in with the final power rankings of the season.  Oklahoma City takes the top spot, with an amazing regular season.  They look like a strong favorite to three-peat, but there are a glut of teams behind them capable of taking it all as well.  It's going to be an interesting postseason for sure, as no team will have an easy road.  Good luck to the playoff teams, here are the final rankings!

Team  W L PREV    Comments
1 Oklahoma City 112 50 1 Unbelievable season, will be tough to beat in playoffs
2 St. Louis 98 64 2 An excellent season for them, pitching staff looking good
3 Detroit 97 65 3 Looking like a strong contender in the AL for sure
4 New Britain  96 66 11 Another great stretch run, they're hot at the right time
5 Pawtucket  97 65 7 Right there with the other AL teams, very well balanced
6 Tucson 96 66 4 That they are a wild card shows how tough the NL is 
7 Buffalo  96 66 9 Excellent pitching led them to another great season
8 Little Rock  91 71 10 Definitely a sleeper in the AL playoffs, very nice numbers
9 Seattle 91 71 5 Not a great stretch run, but had division wrapped up
10 Tampa Bay 89 73 17 Late season surge got them into the playoffs
11 Honolulu 86 76 6 The pitching fell apart for them at the end, leaving them out
12 Nashville  89 73 14 Very nice season, just missed getting into the playoffs
13 Kansas City 82 80 18 Not a bad season at all, had a very nice run the last 40 
14 Toronto 89 73 8 Rough stretch run, but they have a very nice offense
15 Rochester 82 80 13 Didn't play well the last 40 games, still on the fringe
16 Burlington 77 85 20 They won their division, which was a step forward for them
17 Oakland 75 87 25 Looked good down the stretch, as the pitching was better
18 Salt Lake City 77 85 12 They fell apart some the last 40, but good offensive numbers
19 Indianapolis 77 85 22 Numbers aren't bad, so next season looks good for them
20 Syracuse 76 86 16 Excellent pitching numbers, but offense struggled some
21 San Juan 75 87 28 Winning record the last 40, with improved pitching stats
22 Richmond 73 89 26 Not a bad stretch run, offense looks pretty solid
23 Florida 73 89 19 Making strides, as pitching staff starts to take shape
24 Scranton 74 88 15 Pitching rocked the last 40, but still great offensive numbers
25 Chicago  71 91 21 Rough last 40 games, but the stats aren't horrible at all
26 Pittsburgh 67 95 27 Pitching was an issue, but they had a good offense
27 San Francisco 67 95 24 Did not perform well the last 40, despite good offense
28 Louisville 67 95 31 Over .500 the last 40 games, definitely a positive sign
29 Cleveland 61 101 29 Offense showed some potential but pitching not great
30 Memphis  68 94 23 Pretty rough last 40 games, but good pitching overall
31 Helena 66 96 30 Improved down the stretch with better pitching numbers
32 Vancouver 57 105 32 Wasn't able to recover from early season pitching issues

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Season 16 Power Rankings # 3

It's time to head down the home stretch of the regular season in Kenny Powers, but before we do it's time to check in with the power rankings to see how the races are stacking up.  At the top, Oklahoma City holds on to #1, posting the best record since the last rankings.  No sign of a drop off here.  St. Louis continued their positive momentum from the last rankings period, and jumped again up to #2.  The next handful of teams are extremely close and difficult to rank, but it was Detroit, Tucson and Seattle rounding out the top 5.  It's going to be an interesting stretch run for sure, good luck and here are the complete rankings!

Team  W L PREV    Comments
1 Oklahoma City 83 39 1 Still winning and had the best record since the last rankings
2 St. Louis 74 48 5 Still have momentum from a big 2nd quarter of the season
3 Detroit 72 50 6 Playing well and the pitching staff is coming into its own
4 Tucson 72 50 7 On a nice run, great offense, and pitching is good too 
5 Seattle 71 51 9 Pitching dropped off slightly, but offense has improved 
6 Honolulu 67 55 11 Best pitching staff in Kenny Powers, and offense is up too
7 Pawtucket  70 52 4 The offense dropped off some, but pitching was better
8 Toronto 71 51 13 Hot since the last rankings with numbers up all around
9 Buffalo  71 51 2 Excellent pitching, but offense is down since last rankings
10 Little Rock  68 54 3 Big decline in offense yielded mediocre results this period
11 New Britain  68 54 15 Pitching improved a lot, helping them get back in the fold
12 Salt Lake City 60 62 20 Pitching is improved, nice run since the last rankings 
13 Rochester 66 56 14 Offense is down, but they are still getting it done
14 Nashville  67 55 12 Number aren't great since halfway point, but haning in 
15 Scranton 63 59 8 Monster offense slowed down, and pitching is a bit rough
16 Syracuse 59 63 23 On a good run with significant improvement all around
17 Tampa Bay 64 58 10 Good pitching staff, but aren't getting much on offense at all
18 Kansas City 59 63 16 Pitching is up, but offense slowed down some, which hurt
19 Florida 55 67 25 Numbers up across the board, playing very well right now
20 Burlington 54 68 29 Major improvement and a very good record since midsesaon
21 Chicago  58 64 17 Numbers look better, but not win total, so tough luck here
22 Indianapolis 58 64 18 Offense fell off some, pitching was better but not great
23 Memphis  58 64 21 The offense is struggling here, the pitching seems all right
24 San Francisco 54 68 22 Still putting up nice offense, but pitching not quite there yet
25 Oakland 52 70 27 Very similar to San Fran, pitching hasn't taken the next step
26 Richmond 53 69 24 Not much offense here since the midway point of the season
27 Pittsburgh 50 72 28 Record not that bad since the halfway point, a good sign
28 San Juan 53 69 19 Rough going since last rankings, numbers down overall
29 Cleveland 45 77 26 Offense improved, but pitching has been rocked as of late
30 Helena 47 75 32 They showed some improvement, so rebuild is coming along
31 Louisville 46 76 31 They improved as well overall, good to see positive signs
32 Vancouver 44 78 30 The offense dropped off, so it's been rough going for them