Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Season 15 Power Rankings # 3

We're three-quarters of the way through Season 15, so it's time to check in with the power rankings before we hit the stretch run.  After being ranking #1 at the mid-way point last season, Buffalo fell off a bit, unable to maintain their momentum.  This season is a different story, as Buffalo has kept it rolling and is a pretty clear #1 once again at this point.  They have 2 tough challengers in the NL, in #2 Honolulu, whose numbers don't look that different from Buffalo, and #3 Oklahoma City who saw improved numbers all around since the last ranking.  Seattle comes in at #4, with their good offensive numbers continuing, and a red hot New Britain comes in at #5.  Honorable mention goes to St. Louis, who cracks the top 10 at #8 after posting the 2nd best record since the last rankings, overcoming a mediocre start.  Here are the complete rankings, good luck to all down the stretch!

Team  W L PREV    Comments
1 Buffalo  85 37 1 No letdown after the halfway mark this year, rolling along
2 Honolulu 79 43 3 Putting up similar numbers to Buffalo, so looking strong 
3 Oklahoma City 76 46 4 They've improved across the board, so look out
4 Seattle 74 48 5 Getting better offense this season, and pitching is solid
5 New Britain  71 51 11 Excellent since last rankings, numbers up overall 
6 Detroit 75 47 2 Mediocre as of late, but still a very strong team 
7 Pawtucket  69 53 6 Offensive powerhouse is certainly a contender in the AL
8 St. Louis 69 53 14 On fire since last rankings, thanks to great pitching 
9 Toronto 70 52 7 Hanging in there, pitching improved a lot, but offense down
10 Tucson 63 59 15 Been playing better, thanks to a major boost in offense
11 Rochester 60 62 18 Numbers look better than their record indicates
12 Indianapolis 65 57 19 Nice season, I think this is the highest they've ever been
13 Nashville  63 59 8 Have faltered a bit, the offense has been down lately 
14 Little Rock  60 62 27 Made major strides since last rankings, with pitching impoved
15 Cincinnati 65 57 10 Still doing good with pitching, but not getting much offense
16 Scranton 58 64 20 Took a step forward with their pitching, and offense is great
17 Tampa Bay 59 63 9 Struggling a bit as of late, but pitching still very good 
18 Pittsburgh 62 60 16 Pitching has stepped it up, but offense is down some 
19 Durham 61 61 12 It's all offense for them, which is consistent with their park
20 Jacksonville 55 67 29 Major improvement across the board, which is a good sign
21 New York  56 66 21 Pitching roughed up a bit, but the offense is improving 
22 Helena 57 65 17 Playing ok as of late, with the offense picking up steam 
23 Oakland 52 70 24 Pitching took a step back, but they have great offense
24 Salt Lake City 50 72 32 They're improving, with a winning record since last rankings
25 Cleveland 50 72 13 Offense cooled off a bit, which resulted in taking a step back
26 Burlington 55 67 22 The offense is down a bit here, but still getting good pitching
27 Chicago (AL) 52 70 26 Offense improved, but pitching has been a problem for them
28 Louisville 51 71 25 Decent hitting, and the pitching made some strides forward
29 Chicago (NL) 51 71 30 Pitching improving, but the offense hasn't been there 
30 Memphis  44 78 28 Offense took a major step back since the last rankings
31 San Francisco 48 74 23 Pitching roughed up lately, which has resulted in some L's
32 Vancouver 47 75 31 Look to be rebuilding, as the pitching seems just awful

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Season 15 All-Star Coverage

Season 15's All-Stars have been announced, so it's time to see who will be playing in this year's classic!

In the American League, the representation was pretty spread out with Detroit, Pawtucket and Seattle leading the way with 4 All-Stars each.  13 teams had players make the team.  Jay Borbon of Nashville has the most number of appearances in the AL, with this being his 9th All-Star game.  Others deserving mention include Sherman Perez (8th appearance), Matty Posada (8th appearance), and Clyde Hurst (7th appearance).

In the National League, two teams' players dominate the roster, with Buffalo having 8 All-Stars and Honolulu having 7 make the team.  Despite the domination of these two teams, 12 teams still had players make the team.  The big news on the NL side is that Che-Bang Kata of Oklahoma City has now hit double digits in All-Star appearances, with this being his 10th.  Fellow hurler Stewart Mouton also deserves a mention for making his 7th All-Star team.

Congrats to all who had players make the team!  Here are the complete All-Star rosters!


Player  Franchise  Appearance
C Carlos Mercedes Pawtucket 2nd
1B Torey Guerrero Oakland 1st
2B Sherman Perez Pawtucket 8th
3B Andy Minor Jacksonville 1st
SS Delino Santana Little Rock 2nd
LF Jose Reyes Pawtucket 1st
CF Marshall Wood Pittsburgh 4th
RF Kyle Surtain Detroit 2nd
DH Achilles Sadler Detroit 2nd


Player  Franchise  Appearance
P Zachrey Coleman Toronto 2nd
P Douglas Schlereth Pawtucket 5th
P Matty Posada Nashville 8th
P Victor Diaz Detroit 1st
P Howie Ponson Nashville 1st
P Yorman Vincente Pittsburgh 2nd
P Jay Borbon Nashville 9th
P Nicholas Miller New Britain 1st
P George McCartin Seattle 1st
P Clyde Hurst Helena 7th
P Valerio Baez New Britain 2nd
P Jack Thompson Toronto 2nd
P Joshua Ramsay Detroit 1st


Player  Franchise  Appearance
C Livan Espinoza Little Rock 4th
1B Alfredo Izquierdo Seattle 2nd
2B Marc Towers Durham 3rd
3B Orber Pena Little Rock 2nd
SS Emmanuel Scheffer Chicago 1st
LF Vasco Correa Oakland 1st
CF Rolando Camacho Seattle 1st
RF Otto Gibson Seattle 1st

AL All-Stars by Team
Detroit 4
Pawtucket 4
Seattle 4
Little Rock 3
Nashville 3
New Britain 2
Oakland 2
Pittsburgh 2
Toronto 2
Chicago 1
Durham 1
Helena 1
Jacksonville 1


Player  Franchise  Appearance
C Jeremy Randall Buffalo 6th
1B Randall Holt Rochester 5th
2B Albert Valenzuela Buffalo 2nd
3B Tony Bonifacio St. Louis 3rd
SS Albert Uribe Buffalo 1st
LF Bip Waters Buffalo 1st
CF Norm Hodges St. Louis 1st
RF J.C. Ganzel Honolulu 3rd


Player  Franchise  Appearance
P Che-Bang Kata Oklahoma City 10th
P Jolbert Camacho Honolulu 1st
P Stewart Mouton Honolulu 7th
P Ellis Brock Tampa Bay 1st
P David Silva Buffalo 4th
P Russ Robinson Buffalo 4th
P Dwight Flynn Buffalo 3rd
P Nerio Morton Cincinnati 1st
P Jimmie Soto Buffalo 5th
P Timo Kida Burlington 1st
P Allan Blackley Cincinnati 1st
P Jim Forbes Burlington 1st
P Karim Calderone Honolulu 1st
P Dan Ohlendorf Honolulu 2nd


Player  Franchise Appearance
C Trenidad Franco Honolulu 3rd
1B Richard Brohawn Honolulu 1st
2B Everett Barnes Indianapolis 1st
3B Destin Morandini Oklahoma City 5th
SS Emmanuel Amaro St. Louis 1st
LF Wandy Javier Tucson 6th
CF Felipe Miranda Salt Lake City 1st
RF Luke Romero Cleveland 2nd

NL All-Stars by Team
Buffalo 8
Honolulu 7
St. Louis 3
Burlington 2
Cincinnati 2
Oklahoma City 2
Cleveland 1
Indianapolis 1
Rochester 1
Salt Lake City 1
Tampa Bay 1
Tucson  1

Monday, June 9, 2014

Season 15 Power Rankings # 2

The regular season is half-way over for Season 15, so it is time to check in with a new edition of the power rankings.  Let's get right to it!  Fueled with motivation of being denied the top spot in the last edition, Buffalo played tremendous ball since the quarter-way mark, and is the new # 1 team.  An equally hot Detroit team comes in at #2, whose pitching improved while maintaining stellar offensive numbers.  Pitching-dominant Honolulu comes in at #3, the only team with a team ERA under 3.00.  #4 is Oklahoma City, dropping from #1, they actually didn't play that bad since the last rankings, there were just other teams that were more dominant.  Here's the complete rankings!

Team  W L PREV    Comments
1 Buffalo  55 26 3 Felt they were #1 last time, this time they get the top nod
2 Detroit 54 27 6 Offense has been big, and pitching is stepping it up
3 Honolulu 52 29 2 League's top pitching staff, definitely amongst the elite
4 Oklahoma City 49 32 1 Fell off a little, but still a force to be reckoned with
5 Seattle 49 32 4 Offense is suprising so far, but pitching roughed up lately
6 Pawtucket  47 34 5 World's top offense, and getting good enough pitching 
7 Toronto 48 33 8 They're back in the mix, pitching improved a lot 
8 Nashville  44 37 7 Still playing well, with solid numbers across the board
9 Tampa Bay 43 38 14 Excellent since the last rankings, so a nice bump here
10 Cincinnati 44 37 9 Offense is struggling a bit, but pitching is getting it done
11 New Britain  43 38 11 Pitching has stepped it up, but offense fell off a bit 
12 Durham 43 38 18 Pitching has settled down, and still getting nice offense 
13 Cleveland 38 43 29 Have turned it around, with the bats producing big time
14 St. Louis 40 41 10 Good team started slow, capable of turning it around
15 Tucson 39 42 13 Fairly middle of the road on all the numbers, so we'll see
16 Pittsburgh 41 40 12 Pitching improved some, and they have decent offense
17 Helena 39 42 15 Could use a little more offense to get in the AL West mix
18 Rochester 39 42 17 Might be a bit unlucky, numbers say they're better 
19 Indianapolis 41 40 20 Still hanging in there, good pitching, but not much offense
20 Scranton 37 44 22 They have the offense, and pitching has improved some
21 New York  37 44 27 Playing better with a nice improvement across the board
22 Burlington 41 40 16 Hasn't gone well since the last rankings, but still over .500
23 San Francisco 38 43 21 Offense has been struggling, but hanging in there
24 Oakland 36 45 24 Pitching got roughed up some since last rankings 
25 Louisville 33 48 31 Improved since the last rankings, after rough start 
26 Chicago (AL) 33 48 32 Also trending upward with better all-around play 
27 Little Rock  33 48 19 The wheels have fallen off as of late, really struggling
28 Memphis  31 50 25 Offense is up some, but pitching has been rocked lately
29 Jacksonville 33 48 26 Showed some improvement pitching wise, a good sign
30 Chicago (NL) 34 47 30 Just not getting the offense to compete right now 
31 Vancouver 33 48 23 They're not playing well on any level currently 
32 Salt Lake City 29 52 28 Offensive numbers show some promise here