Friday, April 4, 2014

Season 14 Wrap Up

Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City Bombers (NL)
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Oklahoma City wins it all again in an even-numbered season!

Like clockwork, Oklahoma City took home their 4th consecutive even-numbered season World Series title.  That's not to say it was an easy road, as they were down 3 games to none in the ALCS to Honolulu.  Apparently, they forgot it was an even-numbered season until Game 4, as after that there was no stopping them, as they won 8 games in a row to take the crown, beating fellow number 1 seed Pawtucket to take the crown.  Pawtucket had a great season as well, but it appeared after the amazing comeback, Oklahoma City was a team of destiny, and there was no stopping them.  Congrats to both owners on great seasons, and the good news for all of the owners is that it is an odd-numbered season coming up, so it's anyone's title to take!

Individual awards were also handed out for Season 14, let's take a look at the winners. 

Most Valuable Player
American League -  Jason Tolbert, New Britain - .334 AVG 35 HR 127 RBI
Tolbert won a very close MVP race in the AL with a fantastic season at the plate.  The 28 year-old takes home his first MVP with his best season yet in his 6th full season in the majors.  He also made the All-Star team, his 2nd, and won a Silver Slugger, also his 2nd.  Tolbert looks to have many more productive seasons ahead of him. 

National League
J.C. Ganzel, Honolulu - .303 AVG 51 HR 119 RBI
Jeremy Randall, Buffalo - .299 AVG 44 HR 110 RBI
Speaking of very close races, the NL MVP race ended in a tie, and resulted in co-MVPs.   Ganzel crushed the ball all season for Honolulu, and also made the All-Star team (2nd), won a Silver Slugger (2nd) and took home a Gold Glove in RF (1st).  Extremely impressive, he's an elite talent and at jsut 26 years old, could get back here again.

Meanwhile, Randall caught games for one of the best pitching staffs in the league, while being extremely productive at the plate.  On top of this being his 3rd MVP win, only the 3rd player in Kenny Powers history to do so, he also won his 5th Silver Slugger and made his 5th All-Star team.  At just age 27, he has a decent chance of becoming Kenny Powers' first ever 4-time MVP. 

Cy Young Award
American League - Matty Posada, Detroit - 21-6 1.84 ERA 220 K
Posada was dealt to Detroit in the off-season, as Louisville began its rebuild process, and the deal yielded high dividends for Detroit.  Posting a microscopic ERA and a solid strikeout total, Posada took home his 3rd Cy Young Award, having won the previous two with Louisville.   He also made his 7th All-Star appearance, and is still only 30, so he will be shooting for the rare feat of 4 Cy Young awards, which has been done by only one other player. 

National League - Alberto Campos, Tucson - 21-4 2.79 ERA 203 K
Touted as the top prize in this past off-season's free agent class, Campos did not disappoint and lived up to his massive contract by taking home his first Cy Young award.  Campos was dominant in Tucson all season, and made his 6th All-Star appearance as well.  Luckily for Tucson, he's still got 4 years left on his contract!

Rookie of the Year
American League -  Brett Leach, Madison - .283 AVG 53 HR 135 RBI
A young 23-year old slugger, Leach helped anchor one of the league's most potent offenses with a tremendous rookie season in which he crushed 53 homers.  He also made the All-Star team.  The Rookie of the Year race wasn't even close, as not many rookies put up such elite numbers.   Look for him to continue to win awards in seasons to come. 

National League - Alex Sanchez, Tucson - .287 AVG 48 HR 127 RBI
In another blowout win, Sanchez took home the Rookie of the Year award in the NL, with similarly impressive numbers as his AL counterpart.   His elite power should enable him to produce many more similar stat lines in future seasons, of which there will be many, as he is only 21 years old. 

Fireman of the Year
American League -  Jay Borbon, Nashville - 2.90 ERA, 41 SV - 3rd win
National League - Damaso Perez, Vancouver - 2.96 ERA, 41 SV - 1st win

That's a wrap for Season 14, hope to see you all back for Season 15, after a hopefully quick rollover!  

Friday, March 28, 2014

Season 14 Final Power Rankings

A little late with these, my apologies, but better late than never!   Let's jump right into the rankings!

Team  W L PREV    Comments
1 Oklahoma City 101 61 1 Another great season in the books for them
2 New Britain  98 64 4 Solid down the stretch all around
3 Pawtucket  98 64 9 Best record down the stretch, to cap off a great season
4 Tucson 96 66 7 Very well balanced team this season
5 Honolulu 93 69 5 Solid numbers across the board and a nice finish
6 St. Louis 94 68 11 Pitching really stepped it up this season
7 Madison 95 67 2 Struggled down the stretch, despite improved pitching
8 Detroit 90 72 3 Under .500 since the last rankings, but a good season
9 Buffalo  96 66 6 The 2nd half of the season did not go great for them
10 Little Rock  86 76 14 Stepped it up down the stretch, nice finish
11 Arizona 88 74 10 Offense was really good, and pitching held its own
12 Tampa Bay 89 73 13 Pitching is outstanding, but offense held them back some
13 Nashville  85 77 15 Had a nice finish to the season to move above .500
14 Memphis  89 73 8 Offense is the worst of the contenders, but nice pitching
15 Rochester 84 78 12 Outstanding pitching, but mediocre overall down the stretch
16 Cincinnati 79 83 22 Excellent finish, showing improvement across the board
17 Portland  75 87 23 Also had a great finish, numbers better all around
18 New York  78 84 25 Great stretch run, but the offense may be a concern still
19 Seattle 79 83 18 Not good at all the 2nd half of the season after nice start
20 Pittsburgh 75 87 17 Rough stretch run, the offense folded at the end
21 Texas  81 81 19 Pitching needs improvement to take a step forward
22 Jacksonville 75 87 21 Pitching fell apart a bit down the stretch
23 Cleveland 75 87 24 Really nice finish, going over .500 since the last rankings
24 Chicago (AL) 73 89 26 Showed all around improvement down the stretch
25 Vancouver 79 83 16 Things really fell apart for them at the end
26 Toronto 73 89 20 Their offense didn't produce enough to contend this season
27 Indianapolis 63 99 31 Over .500 down the stretch, which is a good sign 
28 Oakland 64 98 29 Pitching is a major issue, but offense is pretty good
29 Burlington 64 98 27 Need to find some more offense to move up
30 San Francisco 63 99 28 Collapsed down the stretch in every way
31 Louisville 58 104 30 They're rebuilding so hopefully they made progress there
32 Chicago (NL) 56 106 32 Not quite there yet, but should be making progress

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Season 14 Power Rankings # 3

Before we start full speed ahead down the stretch in Season 13, it's time to check in with another edition of the power rankings!  There was a change at the top, as preseason #1 Oklahoma City reclaimed the top spot with a stellar 30-13 record since the last rankings.   The only team that managed to match that feat was offensive juggernaut Madison, who comes in #2, followed by an equally powerful Detroit team at #3.  Previous #1 Buffalo fell the way of their predecessor Memphis in taking a bit of a step back after claiming the top spot, falling to #6.  They are still very capable of bouncing back.  Good luck to everyone down the stretch, here are the complete rankings!

Team  W L PREV    Comments
1 Oklahoma City 81 44 2 Stepped it up to reclaim the top spot, looking strong
2 Madison 78 47 6 Great run lately, with elite offense and better pitching
3 Detroit 72 53 7 Offense is solid as ever and pitching has improved 
4 New Britain  73 52 3 Numbers down a bit, but still getting the wins
5 Honolulu 71 54 4 Offensive numbers are down, but hanging in there
6 Buffalo  78 47 1 Not a good stretch at all, but certainly can bounce back
7 Tucson 72 53 9 Major jump in offense since last rankings is a good sign
8 Memphis  72 53 11 An up and down season looks to be back on the upswing
9 Pawtucket  72 53 12 Improved pitching has helped them as of late 
10 Arizona 67 58 19 Nice leap up the rankings, as pitching has improved a lot
11 St. Louis 71 54 10 Holding steady here numbers have been consistent
12 Rochester 66 59 14 They're the league's top pitching staff, and offense is up
13 Tampa Bay 68 57 5 Pitching has taken a bit of a hit since the last rankings
14 Little Rock  62 63 16 Very nice improvement across the board as of late 
15 Nashville  62 63 20 Playing solid since the last rankings, pitching is better
16 Vancouver 65 60 21 Another team on the rise, with improved pitching
17 Pittsburgh 60 65 15 Numbers are better than record, tough schedule perhaps
18 Seattle 62 63 8 Since the last rankings:  Just. Plain. Awful. 
19 Texas  64 61 13 Pitching has fallen off, and so has their record 
20 Toronto 62 63 17 Holding steady around .500, can they take it up a notch?
21 Jacksonville 58 67 22 Over .500 since last rankings, getting better offense
22 Cincinnati 57 68 25 Playing better lately as the offense shows signs of life
23 Portland  52 73 28 Nice improvement overall and over .500 since last rankings
24 Cleveland 56 69 29 Also over .500 since last rankings, pitching is improving
25 New York  56 69 32 They're coming alive as well, better across the board
26 Chicago (AL) 54 71 24 Things fell off overall for them since the last rankings 
27 Burlington 53 72 26 Holding steady, with not much change in the numbers 
28 San Francisco 54 71 18 Offense has taken a big hit, and it's sent them reeling 
29 Oakland 49 76 23 Pitching staff has been lit up lately, but offense is decent
30 Louisville 46 79 27 They're rebuilding, so this was pretty much expected
31 Indianapolis 44 81 30 Numbers look better, but it hasn't translated to Wins
32 Chicago (NL) 43 82 31 Better pitching, but the offense hasn't produced lately

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Season 14 Power Rankings # 2

With a little more than half of Season 14 in the books, it's time to check in with another edition of the power rankings.  The story since the first rankings has been the incredible play of Buffalo, going 33-9 since the last rankings to pull out in front of the pack.  They have been bringing it on every level as of late, it has been quite the impressive run.  Oklahoma City comes in at #2, still playing very well.  New Britain stepped it up to leap from #10 up to # 3.   Previous #1 Memphis fell to #11 as their pitching staff's incredible start could not be maintained.  Here's the complete rankings!

Team  W L PREV    Comments
1 Buffalo  59 23 2 They have been outstanding on every level as of late
2 Oklahoma City 51 31 3 Playing solid ball and winning games, still elite 
3 New Britain  49 33 10 Their pitching is getting it done, leading to a nice bump 
4 Honolulu 48 34 4 Their pitching has taken a hit lately, but still winning
5 Tampa Bay 47 35 11 Playing incredibly well, one of the best teams in pitching
6 Madison 48 34 12 It's all about offense here, but pitching has improved some
7 Detroit 46 36 14 Maintained it's hot offense, while the pitching stepped up
8 Seattle 46 36 18 Major improvement in pitching since last rankings
9 Tucson 47 35 5 Pitching took a hit, but offensive production increased
10 St. Louis 48 34 8 Their pitching took a nice turn, but offense has been down
11 Memphis  46 36 1 The pitching staff's incredible start has leveled off a bit
12 Pawtucket  46 36 6 Numbers fell off a bit across the board here, but still solid
13 Texas  45 37 23 Nice jump as the pitching really has come together lately
14 Rochester 42 40 15 Their pitching is amongst the best, but bats are a concern
15 Pittsburgh 41 41 19 Offense improved here, but the pitching fell of a little
16 Little Rock  40 42 20 Offense is great, but the pitching has been shaky lately
17 Toronto 41 41 22 Bouncing back a bit after a pretty rough start to the season
18 San Francisco 41 41 21 .500 for the 2nd straight rankings, pitching is on the up
19 Arizona 39 43 7 Rough stretch as of late, pitching fell off since last rankings
20 Nashville  38 44 17 Numbers were pretty stable, need pitching to step it up
21 Vancouver 40 42 9 It's been pretty bad as of late, numbers down overall
22 Jacksonville 36 46 16 Their pitching got roughed up, resulting in a bit of a drop 
23 Oakland 35 47 29 Playing better, as the offense improved significantly
24 Chicago (AL) 37 45 13 Rough stretch, as their offense has fallen off a bit lately
25 Cincinnati 35 47 24 Hanging in there, they could use some offensive production
26 Burlington 35 47 26 Major fall off in offense, must have played a lot at home
27 Louisville 33 49 31 Showing signs of life with improvement across the board
28 Portland  29 53 32 Pitching is stepping up, with numbers a lot better lately
29 Cleveland 32 50 25 The numbers are down overall, resulting in them dropping
30 Indianapolis 30 52 27 Pitching isn't bad, but the offense isn't there quite yet
31 Chicago (NL) 29 53 30 Actually improved some after a horrid start so we'll see
32 New York  33 49 28 The rebuild here is still in process, they're not quite there

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Season 14 Power Rankings # 1

We're a quarter of the way through Season 14, and thus far it's been a tale of two leagues.  The AL has shown tremendous parity this season, with a number of division races within a couple of games from top to bottom, while the NL has had a number of teams with tremendous records, that have broken away from the pack early.  In fact, so much so that the top 5 teams in the rankings all come from the NL.  At the top, with the world's top pitching staff, and a 7-1 record vs. the #2-4 teams, Memphis becomes just the 4th different team to land on top of the rankings with an amazing 28-12 start, jumping up all the way from #15.  Buffalo comes in at #2, and dethroned #1 Oklahoma City comes in at #3, but they are still a major threat, make no mistake.  Honolulu and Tucson round out the top 5.   And now, here's the complete rankings!

Team  W L PREV    Comments
1 Memphis  28 12 15 #1 in ERA and beating the top teams, so they get the nod
2 Buffalo  26 14 3 Probably top team by the numbers, but 0-3 vs. Memphis
3 Oklahoma City 23 17 1 Still looking great, and may have been a bit unlucky so far
4 Honolulu 24 16 4 Solid through the first quarter, pitching has been great
5 Tucson 25 15 6 Holding their own in a very top heavy NL
6 Pawtucket  25 15 9 AL's top team right now, getting it done with offense
7 Arizona 22 18 2 Pitching started off slow for the defending champs
8 St. Louis 26 14 25 Hanging in well with the NL's top teams, nice pitching
9 Vancouver 26 14 26 Another surprise team cracks the top 10 with a nice start
10 New Britain  21 19 11 Offense is looking solid, the record should improve
11 Tampa Bay 20 20 7 Tremendous pitching, if the offense picks it up, look out
12 Madison 21 19 8 Their pitching has been getting lit, but offense is top notch
13 Chicago (AL) 22 18 20 Doing well so far, getting nice offensive production
14 Detroit 21 19 22 League's top offense has them with a winning record
15 Rochester 20 20 13 Nice pitching, but the offense hasn't shown up yet
16 Jacksonville 20 20 24 Great pitching, and numbers show record can improve
17 Nashville  20 20 18 Pretty average across the board, but still in it
18 Seattle 20 20 16 Pitching not getting it done, but AL is loaded with offense
19 Pittsburgh 19 21 10 Not bad so far, will be better if offense turns it up
20 Little Rock  19 21 12 Pretty decent numbers, so a rebound wouldn't be suprising
21 San Francisco 20 20 30 Hanging in there in the AL West so far, a nice surpise
22 Toronto 18 22 5 Not looking good so far, but potential is there to heat up
23 Texas  18 22 17 Pretty mediocre start, but offense is capabale of more
24 Cincinnati 16 24 14 It's tough in the NL right now, with a lot of great teams
25 Cleveland 17 23 19 Middle of the pack in most categories right now
26 Burlington 17 23 31 Showing signs of improvement, which is good to see
27 Indianapolis 17 23 32 Actually tied for the division lead right now
28 New York  18 22 27 Numbers not looking great, but hanging in record wise
29 Oakland 16 24 23 Pitching staff showing signs of improvement, a good sign
30 Chicago (NL) 11 29 28 Rough start may be a bit of bad luck, and tough schedule
31 Louisville 14 26 29 Clearly in rebuild right now, so not that much of a surprise
32 Portland  10 30 21 Bad start, but they actually have a pretty decent offense

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Season 14 Preseason Power Rankings

Offseason free agency is over, and Spring Training is almost complete, so it's time for the Preseason Power Rankings!  A lot of familiar names at the top of the rankings, Oklahoma City is #1 and defending champion Arizona is #2 and Tucson and Tampa Bay bolt into the top 10 with some bold offseason moves.  We'll see how well they hold up throughout the season, but for now, here are your Kenny Powers Season 14 Preseason Power Rankings!

Season 13

Team  W L   Comments
1 Oklahoma City 111 51 Roster looks very strong again, plus it's an even season
2 Arizona 102 60 Defending champs should be in the picture again
3 Buffalo  97 65 Near the top the last few seasons, and should be again
4 Honolulu 101 61 Returning most of a well-balanced team from last season
5 Toronto 92 70 Strong in both pitching and hitting and should contend
6 Tucson 80 82 Was a major player in the FA market, and should improve
7 Tampa Bay 82 80 Added some FA's, but OKC in division is always tough
8 Madison 86 76 Loaded offense, the pitching was shaky last season
9 Pawtucket  87 75 We'll see if pitching improves here too, great offense 
10 Pittsburgh 82 80 Active in free agency, as original owner returns to team 
11 New Britain  92 70 Bounced back last season, can contend this season
12 Little Rock  81 81 Surprised they fell out of it last season, should be better
13 Rochester 87 75 Excellent pitching staff looks to excel yet again
14 Cincinnati 87 75 May need more offense this year to move up 
15 Memphis  87 75 Always near the top in pitching, which should continue
16 Seattle 90 72 It's tough to get offense in Seattle, which they need to do
17 Texas  87 75 Offense was stellar last year, and should be good again
18 Nashville  82 80 Great offense may be aided by some offseason pitching adds
19 Cleveland 68 94 Signed some pretty good free agents, so should improve
20 Chicago (AL) 73 89 Took steps to improve pitching, so should be better
21 Portland  63 99 Signed last year's NL MVP, which is a good sign for them
22 Detroit 73 89 Not really active in FA, we'll see what they can do 
23 Oakland 65 97 Picked up some pretty good FA's, so should improve
24 Jacksonville 66 96 May still be rebuilding, we'll see how they do
25 St. Louis 75 87 Lost a good bat in R.Young, so we'll have to wait and see
26 Vancouver 78 84 Campos won't be back, which is a major blow
27 New York  73 89 Showed improvement last season, so could be even better
28 Chicago (NL) 73 89 Pretty quiet this offseason, so not so sure what to expect
29 Louisville 78 84 Seem to be starting a rebuild, so looking to the future
30 San Francisco 66 96 New ownership should take this team in a better direction
31 Burlington 67 95 Lost a few players to Free Agency, we'll see how they do 
32 Indianapolis 61 101 Seem to be rebuilding still, so hard to tell what they will do

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Season 14 Free Agency Preview

Alberto Campos
Age: 29B/T: R/R
Born: Boca Chica, DO
Position(s): P (SP5)
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Whoever lands this season's top free agent prize will be handsomely rewarded

Season 14 Free Agency Preview
After one of the quickest rollovers in recent Kenny Powers history, we on to Season 14!   And it's time to kick off this season's blog coverage with the Free Agency Preview.  Here are your top 10 free agents!

1.  Alberto Campos, 29, SP
Type A Free Agent
Key Stat: 2.73 Career ERA
Salary Over/Under: 5 years, $99 million 

Possible Destinations: Tucson, Tampa Bay, Madison, Portland

Signed with Tucson - 5 years, $110 million

Campos is a sure-fire ace #1 starter with practically no weaknesses in his arsenal.  He's a five time All Star, but surprisingly has never won the Cy Young Award.  Wherever he winds up, he is likely sure to contend for seasons to come.  It's not every season you get the opportunity to land an ace starter who is only 29 in free agency.  This is the best free agent the Kenny Powers World has seen in some time.  His new team will get a HUGE boost to their pitching staff for sure. 

2. Randy Gonzales, 30, 3B
Type B Free Agent
Key Stat: .850 Career OPS
Salary Over/Under: 4 years, $50 million 

Possible Destinations: Nashville, Tucson, Burlington, Cincinnati

Signed with Rochester - 3 years, $16.8 million

Gonzales is the top rated offensive player in this season's class.  He is good in the field and would work anywhere except SS or C.  He still has nice power and outstanding splits.  A little bit of concern is there with potential ratings decline after age 30, but he should still have a handful of very good years ahead, and you won't find a bitter hitter who can play something besides 1B or LF in this season's class. 

3. Tuck Huff, 29, SP
Type A Free Agent
Key Stat: 3.52 Career ERA
Salary Over/Under: 5 years, $65 million  

Possible Destinations: Chicago (AL), Portland, New Britain, Vancouver

Signed with Tampa Bay - 5 Years, $84 million

If you miss out on the Campos sweepstakes, Huff may not be a bad consolation prize at all.  Also only 29 years old, he has excellent control, great pitches, nice splits and keeps the ball the down.  He's not a huge workhorse but is capable of throwing 180 quality innings or so.  He'd also be a nice add to most any staff in the world. 

4. Quentin Cosby, 36, SP
Type A Free Agent
Key Stat: 3.55 Career ERA
Salary Over/Under: 3 years, $42 million 

Possible Destinations: Pawtucket, Pittsburgh, Madison, Toronto

Signed with Oklahoma City - 4 years, $25.8 million

Cosby probably has a better arsenal than Huff, but comes in behind him, as he is getting up there in age at 36.  He has held up remarkably well thus far, suffering little ratings decline.  He pitched last season as a long reliever, but is still capable of starting and throwing around 175 very high quality innings, and may be able to do so a couple of more seasons.  Great add for a team looking for a short term fix.  

5. Ron Young, 32, 1B
Type B Free Agent
Key Stat: .899 Career OPS 
Salary Over/Under:  3 years, $40 million

Signed with Pittsburgh - 5 years, $65.5 million

Possible Destinations: Tucson, Nashville, Burlington, Honolulu

Young is a straight up masher capable of crushing the ball at a moment's notice.  He is great against righthanders, and still not bad vs. lefties, with good contact and batting eye.   He can probably play RF in a pinch fielding wise, which is a plus, but is probably more suited to play 1B or LF.  His downside is limited stamina and he is a bit brittle.  He's definitely worth the injury risk though, especially for a Type B player.

6. Kenny Clarke, 32, 1B
Type B Free Agent
Key Stat: .876 Career OPS 
Salary Over/Under:  3 years, $33 million

Possible Destinations: Chicago (NL), Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Rochester

Signed with Pittsburgh - 5 years, $32.5 million

Clarke is an excellent all around hitter, with 4 straight 30 HR 120 RBI season under his belt coming into Season 14.  He's an elite batting eye and plus power, contact, and efficiency vs. lefties.  He's good, but not great on his RH split.  You'll have to play him at 1B or DH, because he's pretty weak in the field, but it will be worth it because he can mash. 

7. Bob Cambridge, 33, LF
Type A Free Agent
Key Stat:.881 Career OPS
Salary Over/Under:  2 years, $20 million

Possible Destinations: Tampa Bay, Tucson, Cincinnati, Toronto

Signed with Portland - 4 years, $69 million

The defending NL MVP will likely be insulted at his #7 ranking, but the hitters above him are younger and more powerful or more versatile in the field.  Still, even though he is 33, Cambridge is a great bat, obvious with him winning NL MVP last season, still with plus hitting ratings across the board.  He dominates lefties in particular.  Does he have another MVP season in him?  Probably not, but you'll still be adding an excellent bat to your lineup if you sign him. 

8. Javier Bonilla, 29, SP
Type A Free Agent
Key Stat: 4.16 Career ERA
Salary Over/Under:  4 years, $35 million

Possible Destinations: Chicago (AL), Portland, Toronto, Tucson

Signed with Chicago (AL) - 4 years, $25 million

While not a #1 starter, Bonilla can be a nice #3 or #4 starter for a good team, and is only 29 years old.  He is a workhorse capable of 200 innings plus, and has nice splits, great pitches, good velocity and keeps the ball down fairly well.  His control is a bit mediocre, which holds him back from being consider elite, but is still capable of bolstering a lot of pitching staffs in the world. 

9. Dan Gordon, 34, RP
No Designation
Key Stat: 3.93 Career ERA 
Salary Over/Under:  3 years, $30 million

Possible Destinations: Pawtucket, Tampa Bay, Madison, Honolulu

Signed with Tucson - 3 years, $20.3 million

Gordon gets the nod as the top reliever in this class, with plus ratings across the board, although he doesn't through with a lot of velocity.  He can be a middle relief stud for any team, or possibly close as well, although middle relief seems to be more his forte.  He also won't cost a draft pick either, which is a major plus. 

10. Reid Fassero, 32, RP
Type A Free Agent
Key Stat: 3.66 Career ERA 
Salary Over/Under: 4 years, $35 million

Possible Destinations: Toronto, Chicago (AL), Pittsburgh, Chicago (NL)

Signed with Cleveland - 1 year, $7.465 million

Although not as spectacular ratings wise as Gordon, Fassero is an excellent reliever capable of throwing a ton of innings in middle relief.  It's surprising he hasn't thrown more innings throughout his career.  His pitches are fantastic and has pretty nice control.  He doesn't throw with a lot of velocity, and can be touched up from time to time against lefties.  Still, he can be a nice anchor in the bullpen to work a lot of the middle innings.