Thursday, March 19, 2015

Season 18 - Preseason Power Rankings

Season 18 is about to kick off, so it's time to check in with the preseason power rankings!   Claiming the top spot, the defending champs Little Rock solidified their squad with a few good pickups this offseason, so they start off as the #1 team!  Traditional powers Oklahoma City, Buffalo, New Britain and Pawtucket round out the top 5.   Will anyone be able to infiltrate the top 5 this season?  It will be interesting to see.   Good luck this season, here are the complete preseason power rankings!

Season 17

Team  W L    Comments
1 Little Rock  89 73 The defending champs look good and added a few players
2 Oklahoma City 98 64 Bring back pretty much the same solid group as last season
3 Buffalo  104 58 Always in the mix it seems, this season should be similar
4 New Britain  111 51 Lost a few Type A guys, but we think they'll be solid still
5 Pawtucket  92 70 Always one of the best offensive teams, should be in the mix
6 Syracuse 92 70 Made a splash in free agency, so could be even better
7 Tampa Bay 91 71 Add a few pieces this offseason to an already solid club
8 Honolulu 91 71 Dealt stud SP Mouton, but seemed to get a good return
9 Tucson 98 64 Still looking strong here, and should be in contention again
10 Boston 82 80 Made some nice moves in free agency, so should improve
11 New York 79 83 Seem to be looking to make a push this season
12 Seattle 92 70 Should be solid, the team looks the same as last season
13 Salt Lake City 86 76 Not much activity this offseason, but have a good core
14 Detroit 81 81 Had a bit of a step back last season, can they bounce back?
15 Nashville  85 77 Solid team last season, but need better pitching to move up
16 Rochester 83 79 Majorly up and down last season, but pitching looks solid
17 Atlanta 83 79 Pitching held them back last season, will it improve?
18 Santa Cruz 91 71 Under new ownership, this team has a solid pitching staff
19 Toronto 86 76 Played a bit above their numbers last season, so we'll see
20 Cleveland 78 84 Excellent offense, but need better pitching to take next step
21 Chicago  71 91 New owner signed some guys, but pitching still a concern
22 San Francisco 76 86 They've got great offense, but pitching hasn't panned out yet
23 Oakland 76 86 Another team with great offense and poor pitching last season
24 Richmond 72 90 Seem to be improving, but offense is a slight concern here
25 New Orleans 67 95 Didn't do much this offseason it seems, so we'll have to see
26 Charlotte 59 103 Pitching was an issue last season, and might be again
27 Helena 57 105 Have been in rebuild mode, can they take a step forward?
28 Louisville 68 94 Also have been rebuilding, and seemed better last season
29 Burlington 70 92 Offense is tough to come by in their park, pitching is good
30 Memphis  70 92 Lack of offense seems to be an issue for them as well
31 Vancouver 57 105 Looking to break through but not sure it will be this season
32 San Juan 57 105 Major pitching issues last season and offense was not great

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Season 18 Free Agency Preview

Kenny Powers has kicked off season 18, and it's time for the first blog post of the season, the Free Agency preview.  Overall, it's a pretty week free agent class, but there are still some solid players to be had.  Here's a rundown of our top 10 Free Agents available this offseason.  Good luck to those looking to land a player to get them over the hump this season!

1. David Frias, 30, 3B
Type A Free Agent
Key Stat: .816 OPS
Salary Over/Under: 5 years, $65 million

Possible Destinations: Boston, Pawtucket, Salt Lake City, Burlington

Signed with Boston - 5 years, $45 million

Frias gets the nod as our top free agent this offseason, as he is a 5 tool player who would be above average in the field anywhere put shortstop, has good speed and baserunning ability and very good contact, power and splits to go with a decent enough batting eye.  His overall makeup puts him on top of the board, rather than dominance in any one particular area.

2. Alving Machado, 30, CF
Type A Free Agent
Key Stat: .802 career OPS
Salary Over/Under: 4 years, $40 million

Possible Destinations: Santa Cruz, Syracuse, Burlington, San Juan

Signed with Chicago - 5 years, $41 million

Machado's bat is solid, but not spectacular, with nice power and batting eye, good splits and decent contact.  In the field, he has plus range, but his glove is a bit questionable.  With his bat, you might stick him out in CF and see what happens.

3. Rodney Long, 3B, 29
No Designation
Key Stat: Ratings over past numbers
Salary Over/Under: 4 years, $32 million

Possible Destinations: Tampa Bay, Boston, Memphis, Little Rock

Signed with Pawtucket - 1 year, $6.24 million

Long's career numbers at the plate do not particularly impress, but he has good contact, power and batting eye, although his splits are mediocre.  In this free agent class that is lacking beyond 1B/DH types, his ability to play a good 3B along with potential for better offensive numbers gets him a high spot on our list.

4. Tommy Stoddard, 29, SP
Type A Free Agent
Key Stat: 3.40 career ERA
Salary Over/Under: $4 years, $44 million

Possible Destinations: Rochester, Salt Lake City, Vancouver, Oakland

Signed with Syracuse - 5 years, $65 million

Stoddard is the top free agent pitcher on our board this offseason, thanks to his outstanding control and splits, and solid pitch selection.  He has excellent velocity and keeps the ball down well.  His only downside is limited stamina/durability which will limit him to 160-170 innings per season, but those should be quality innings that he contributes.  His age, at only 29, is also a plus.

5. Achilles Sadler, 32, DH
No Designation
Key Stat: .951 career OPS
Salary Over/Under: 3 years, $21 million

Possible Destinations: Detroit, Oklahoma City, Memphis, New Orleans

Signed with Atlanta - 2 years, $7.8 million

Sadler has a nice combination of excellent power, splits, particularly vs. LHP, and an elite batting eye to go with decent contact.  A slight decline in power, and a bit of a drop off in numbers last season are a bit of a concern, but his ratings indicate he still has an elite bat.

6. Carlos Mercedes, 30, C
Type B Free Agent
Key Stat: .852 career OPS
Salary Over/Under: 3 years, $20 million

Possible Destinations: Rochester, Burlington, New Orleans, New York

Signed with Honolulu - 4 years, $21.3 million ($16.65 million guaranteed)

Mercedes is another big power bat with plus splits and decent contact and batting eye.  He'd make a serviceable catcher, although his zero range is of slight concern.  Whether at catcher of DH, his huge bat will be a nice asset for any lineup.

7. Ron Wilkinson, 35, SP
Type A Free Agent
Key Stat: 3.70 career ERA
Salary Over/Under: 2 years, $20 million

Possible Destinations: Syracuse, Memphis, Oakland, Louisville

Signed with Tampa Bay - 1 year - $8.5 million

Wilkinson is a solid righty who was put up multiple consecutive solid seasons, putting up an ERA below 4 while throwing over 200 innings.  He's outstanding vs. right handed hitters, and has plus control.  His pitches are good, but not elite, and age is a slight concern, but he should have a few more solid seasons left in him.

8. Butch Borland, 34, LF
Type B Free Agent
Key Stat: .921 career OPS
Salary Over/Under: 2 years, $17 million

Possible Destinations: Detroit, Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City, Little Rock

Signed with Syracuse - 3 years, $20 million ($14 million guaranteed)

Borland is a pure power hitter with nice splits and a pretty good batting eye.  His contact isn't great, but that hasn't stopped him from posting a most impressive career OPS.  He is at the age where hitters start to decline, so a long term contract probably isn't in the works, but he should continue his great hitting for at least a couple of more seasons.

9. Enrique Rivera, 32, RP
Type A Free Agent
Key Stat: 4.14 career ERA
Salary Over/Under: 3 years, $16 million

Possible Destinations: Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Vancouver, Tucson

Signed with Little Rock - 2 years, $9.2 million

Rivera gets the nod as the best reliever in this season's free agent class, thanks to his outstanding control, solid pitches, and very good splits.  He was roughed up a bit last season, which is a concern, but we think he can bounce back and post decent numbers while working 100+ innings.

10. Javier Bonilla, 33, SP
Type B Free Agent
Key Stat: 3.98 ERA last season
Salary Over/Under: 3 years, $26 million

Possible Destinations: Pawtucket, Santa Cruz, Vancouver, San Juan

Signed with Boston - 2 years, $12 million

Bonilla is a workhorse right-hander, with two excellent pitches and solid splits.  His velocity and ability to keep the ball down are good.  His control isn't that of an elite starter, but Bonilla will eat up a ton of innings and has the potential to post solid numbers like he did last season.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Season 17 Wrap Up - Little Rock is your Champion!

Little Rock
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Little Rock takes the Season 17 title!

In the final regular season power rankings, we noted for #9 Little Rock "Numbers are pretty good, so could make waves in playoffs".  Well, they ended up doing a lot more than that, as they took the whole thing!  They swept their way through Toronto in the Play In Round, and then also took three straight from #1 New Britain in the LCS.  After a grueling 7-game LCS vs. Seattle, they beat the #1 NL seed Buffalo in five games.  Everything came together for Little Rock in the playoffs with the offense click (.809 team OPS) and solid pitching (3.52 team ERA).  Congrats to frae and Little Rock on their first Kenny Powers title!

The individual awards were handed out, let's see who took home the hardware!

American League - Sherman Dunston, San Francisco - .343 AVG 56 HR 148 RBI
Dunston had another amazing season for San Francisco to bring home his 2nd straight MVP trophy.  He led the league in Batting Average, OBP, Slugging and OPS and was 2nd in Home Runs and RBI.  Needless to say, he was a runaway winner.  It will be interesting to see how many more MVP's he can rack up, given that he is just 25 years old.  He also won his 2nd Silver Slugger award this season.  Interestingly enough, he has never made the All-Star team!

National League - J.C. Ganzel, Honolulu - .324 AVG 54 HR 154 RBI
Quite interestingly, both MVP's go to players from teams who didn't make the playoffs.  It was too hard to deny Ganzel though, the NL leader in Home Runs, RBI, Hits and Runs, of his 3rd MVP in 4 seasons and 2nd straight.  The 29 year-old slugger made his 5th All-Star appearance and won his 5th Silver Slugger this season as well.

American League -  Valerio Baez, New Britain - 24-7 2.54 ERA 174 K
In by far the closest race of any of the awards, Baez edged out Matty Posada by two votes for the AL Cy Young trophy.  This is the 25 year-old's 2nd win in three seasons, in which he led the league in Wins, Innings Pitched, Quality Starts, and Shutouts, and his 3rd All-Star team.  Baez should be a stud for seasons to come, and could challenge the record of 4 Cy Youngs.

National League - Justin Jordan, Tucson - 21-3 2.15 ERA 205 K
The only first-time winner of a major award this season, Jordan took home the NL Cy Young by a landslide.  Jordan led the NL in Wins, and his ERA and strikeout totals were amongst the best in the league as well.  He also made his 3rd All-Star team this season.  At age 28, Jordan certainly is capable of becoming a repeat winner himself, as are all the other major award winners this season.

American League -  Elmer Miller, Atlanta - .282 AVG 41 HR 83 RBI
It was quite the rookie campaign for Miller, the 21 year-old Atlanta slugger who was the #5 pick in the Season 14 draft.  You don't see too many rookies top the 40 home run mark.  Miller has outstanding power and excellent splits that should keep him a relevant slugger for seasons to come.  He also made the All-Star team in his impressive rookie campaign.

National League - Tim Blair, Syracuse - 9-7 2.44 ERA 168 K
Blair, a 24 year-old hurler who was the top pick in the Season 15 draft, also was tops in the NL Rookie of the Year voting.  His impressive ERA as a rookie speaks to his talent.  He has elite control and splits, nice velocity, and a strong pitch selection, other he lacks a truly dominant pitch.  That's nitpicking though, Blair certainly should be in the mix for future Cy Young awards, he is truly an elite arm.

American League -  Orlando Ortiz, Seattle - 49 SV, 4.66 ERA (1st win)
National League - Markus Nelson, Tampa Bay - 45 SV, 1.79 ERA (1st win)

That's a wrap on Season 17 - congrats again to frae.  See you next season!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Season 17 League Leaders

With Season 17 in the books and the playoffs under way, it's a good time to look back at this season's League Leaders in Kenny Powers.

In the American League, Sherman Dunston of San Francisco led the league in batting average, OBP, slugging percentage and OPS.  His slugging percentage of .694 and OPS of 1.130 were each the 4th best single season totals in Kenny Powers history. His season was one for the ages. He also finished 2nd in home runs and RBI, trailing Javier Sivilla of Pawtucket in each category.  Sivilla racked up 57 HR and 155 RBI this season.

In the NL, J.C. Ganzel of Honolulu dominates the league leaders listing, leading the league in Home Runs, RBI, Hits and Runs. He finished 4th in batting average, missing the Triple Crown by 13 batting average points. Jeremy Randall of Buffalo led the league and OBP and OPS, his omission from the top 5 MVP candidates in the NL is truly baffling.

Here are the complete Offensive League Leaders!

American League
Batting Average Sherman Dunston San Francisco .343
Home Runs Javier Sivilla Pawtucket 57
RBI Javier Sivilla Pawtucket 155
Stolen Bases Weldon Rando Toronto 91
Hits Luis Vega Pawtucket 199
Runs David Frias Scranton 127
OBP Sherman Dunston San Francisco .435
SLG Sherman Dunston San Francisco .694
OPS Sherman Dunston San Francisco 1.130
National League
Batting Average Quilvio Limon Oklahoma City .337
Home Runs J.C. Ganzel Honolulu 54
RBI J.C. Ganzel Honolulu 154
Stolen Bases Pedro Ibarra Burlington 68
Hits J.C. Ganzel Honolulu 205
Runs J.C. Ganzel Honolulu 122
OBP Jeremy Randall Buffalo .423
SLG Trenidad Franco Salt Lake City .638
OPS Jeremy Randall Buffalo 1.054

The AL pitching league leaders were dominated by two hurlers. Matty Posada of Nashville led the AL in ERA, Strikeouts, and WHIP.  He missed out on the pitching Triple Crown by three wins, as he was topped in that category by Valerio Baez of New Britain, who in addition to leading the league in wins, led the league in Innings Pitched, Quality Starts, and Shutouts.  His 24 wins tied for the 4th best total in Kenny Powers history, while his 283.2 Innings Pitched was 2nd all-time, and his four shutouts tied for 3rd all-time.

In the NL, multiple category leaders include Ellis Brock of Tampa Bay (WHIP and tied for the lead in Shutouts), Clyde Hurst of St. Louis (Strikeouts and tied for the lead in Quality Starts), and Jim Forbes of Burlington (Innings Pitched and tied for the lead in Shutouts).

Here are the complete Pitching League Leaders!

American League
ERA Matty Posada Nashville 2.25
Wins Valerio Baez New Britain 24
Strikeouts Matty Posada Nashville 212
Saves Orlando Ortiz Seattle 49
WHIP Matty Posada Nashville 1.02
Innings Pitched Valerio Baez New Britain 283.2
Quality Starts Valerio Baez New Britain 29
Complete Games Ted Wagner Pawtucket 10
Shutouts Valerio Baez New Britain 4
National League
ERA Brad Miles Tampa Bay 1.94
Wins Justin Jordan Tucson 21
Strikeouts Clyde Hurst St. Louis 247
Saves Markus Nelson Rochester 45
WHIP Ellis Brock Tampa Bay 0.94
Innings Pitched Jim Forbes Burlington 258.1
Quality Starts Alberto Campos Syracuse 27
Clyde Hurst St. Louis 27
Complete Games Erubiel Troncoso St. Louis 6
Shutouts Jim Forbes Burlington 3
Ellis Brock Tampa Bay 3

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Season 17 Final Power Rankings

The Regular Season has ended for Season 17 and the playoffs are right around the corner, but before they kick off, it's time for the final power rankings of the season!   In a rarity in the power rankings era, the entire top 5 remained the same since the last rankings.  #1 New Britain was clearly the most dominant team in the 2nd half and it will be interesting to see what they do in the playoffs.  NL powerhouses Buffalo, Oklahoma City and Tucson remained 2-4, while Pawtucket stayed at #5.  The defending champs Tampa Bay jump up to 6, winning a tiebreaker to earn a shot to defend their title.  Should be an interesting postseason, good luck to all involved!  Here are the complete rankings!

Team  W L PREV   Comments
1 New Britain  111 51 1 Most dominant team in the second half by a wide margin
2 Buffalo  104 58 2 The NL's top seed will have a number of tough opponents
3 Oklahoma City 98 64 3 Just another great season for them, looking solid for playoffs
4 Tucson 98 64 4 Pitching not as good as other NL elites, but great offense
5 Pawtucket  92 70 5 Solid down the stretch with the best offense in the world
6 Tampa Bay 91 71 11 Great stretch run gets the defending champs in as the 6 seed
7 St. Louis 91 71 7 Great comeback for this squad, miss playoffs on tiebreaker
8 Syracuse 92 70 8 Ended season on W6 to get wild card spot, great pitching
9 Little Rock  89 73 9 Numbers are pretty good, so could make waves in playoffs
10 Honolulu 91 71 6 Tough break missing the playoffs on tiebreaker in tough NL
11 Salt Lake City 86 76 13 They're making a progress, a team to watch next season 
12 Seattle 92 70 14 Offense fell off down the stretch, so we'll see in playoffs
13 Chicago  82 80 16 Great last 40 puts them over .500, good sign going forward
14 Detroit 81 81 21 Played better down the stretch, but finish is disappointing
15 Rochester 83 79 10 Completely fell apart the 2nd half after a blazing start 
16 Florida 79 83 23 Over .500 the last 40 with numbers up across the board
17 Toronto 86 76 15 Made it in as an AL Wild Card, but numbers down the last 40
18 Nashville  85 77 17 Also an AL Wild Card, but pitching numbers are suspect
19 Atlanta 83 79 20 Nice debut season by new owner, they have potential 
20 Oakland 76 86 19 Better the last 40, with both offense and pitching improved
21 San Francisco 76 86 12 Pretty awful down the stretch, but they've got great offense
22 Cleveland 78 84 18 They won their division, pitching improved down the stretch
23 Scranton 71 91 25 Pitching improved significantly the last 40, nice offense too
24 Memphis  70 92 27 They've got great pitching, but offense remains an issue here
25 Richmond 72 90 26 Played .500 ball down the stretch, as the pitching improved
26 Burlington 70 92 22 Pitching fell off the last 40, and the offense didn't produce
27 Louisville 68 94 28 .500 since the last rankings, the pitching improved a lot
28 New Orleans 67 95 24 Pitching was better, but batrs dropped off, so rough last 40
29 Vancouver 57 105 32 Winning record the last 40, numbers improved a lot overall
30 Charlotte 59 103 29 Numbers were up a bit the last 40, but still went 16-24
31 Helena 57 105 30 Pitching was really bad all season, but better the last 40
32 San Juan 57 105 31 Awful pitching down the stretch lands them at the bottom 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Season 17 Power Rankings #3

With only a quarter of the regular season to go, it's time to check in with another edition of the power rankings!  And we have a new team atop of the rankings, as New Britain claims the #1 spot for the first time!   New Britain edged out Buffalo for the top spot, primarily due to their record since the last rankings being 5 games better and all other numbers comparable.  Congrats to New Britain on claiming the #1 ranking!  Here are the rest of the rankings!

Team  W L PREV    Comments
1 New Britain  83 39 4 Best record in the world since last rankings by 5 games
2 Buffalo  84 38 1 Numbers are down slightly, but still playing great ball
3 Oklahoma City 76 46 3 They're numbers are tremendous, but more L's than usual
4 Tucson 76 46 5 Pitching has improved, and the offense is still rolling
5 Pawtucket  68 54 9 One of the best offenses, pitching is middle of the road
6 Honolulu 70 52 10 Numbers decreased some, but it didn't hurt their record
7 St. Louis 68 54 14 Tied for 2nd best record since last rankings due to pitching
8 Syracuse 70 52 7 Their pitching took a major step forward since last rankings
9 Little Rock  67 55 6 Mediocre as of late, as the offense has cooled off 
10 Rochester 70 52 2 Hit the wall since the midway point, numbers dropped off
11 Tampa Bay 66 56 8 Pitching numbers better, but the offense cooled down some
12 San Francisco 62 60 16 Playing well lately with nice offense, and pitching is better
13 Salt Lake City 63 59 18 Also on a nice run, as their offensive numbers are up
14 Seattle 70 52 11 Playing very mediocre as of late, not getting much offense
15 Toronto 66 56 17 Nice run since the last rankings, thanks to improved offense
16 Chicago  58 64 23 They're playing well, as the pitching is significantly better
17 Nashville  66 56 13 Nice record, but their pitching is a red flag, bats are just ok
18 Cleveland 59 63 21 Winning record since last rankings, with pitching stats up
19 Oakland 56 66 24 Pitching improved some, winning record since last rankings
20 Atlanta 65 57 15 Rough stretch record wise, but their numbers are not bad
21 Detroit 59 63 12 It's been rough for them lately, as pitching has fallen off
22 Burlington 53 69 19 Their pitching stats took a hit, and bats aren't doing much
23 Florida 57 65 20 Showing signs of life, but they may be a few players away
24 New Orleans 53 69 26 Their pitching improved significantly since the last rankings
25 Scranton 53 69 22 Pitching is not there, and offense seems to be in a slump
26 Richmond 52 70 29 Winning record over last 41, offense has improved a lot
27 Memphis  52 70 25 Offense has been better, but pitching fell off somewhat
28 Louisville 48 74 27 Pitching has been getting lit up as of late, but in a rebuild
29 Charlotte 43 79 28 Numbers are down overall and it shows in their record
30 Helena 40 82 31 Yeah, they are rebuilding, but the pitching is really bad
31 San Juan 43 79 30 Pitching has been better, but offense is very much lacking
32 Vancouver 36 86 32 Their pitching stats did improve some, for what it's worth

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Season 17 Power Rankings #2

We are half way through Season 17, so it's time for a new edition of the power rankings!  Buffalo maintains the top spot, as their offense continues to be the best in all of Kenny Powers.  Jumping up to #2 is Rochester, who had the best record in the world since the last rankings at 31-10.  Oklahoma is solid as ever at #3, followed by New Britain and Tucson rounding out the top 5.   Looks like it's going to be quite the race this season for the title.  Good luck in the second half, and here are the complete rankings!

Team  W L PREV    Comments
1 Buffalo  58 23 1 Still rolling along, with the best offense in the world so far
2 Rochester 53 28 9 On fire, finally living up to the potential their numbers show
3 Oklahoma City 53 28 2 Top pitching staff in the world and nice offense, looking good
4 New Britain  52 29 3 They are playing very will with great pitching and offense
5 Tucson 52 29 5 Pitching isn't as solid as rest of top 5, but great offense
6 Little Rock  47 34 8 They've improved across the board since last rankings
7 Syracuse 49 32 10 Solid record, but their numbers are below the teams above
8 Tampa Bay 46 35 12 The defending champs have good numbers, but NL is tough
9 Pawtucket  44 37 16 Bouncing back from horrible start, pitching has improved
10 Honolulu 46 35 11 Took a nice step forward in both pitching and hittling lately
11 Seattle 49 32 4 Slowed down after a hot start, as offense tailed off some
12 Detroit 44 37 6 Great pitching, but the offense has struggled as of late
13 Nashville  44 37 20 Nice recovery from slow start, but pitching may hurt them
14 St. Louis 42 39 22 New ownership turned them around nicely since taking over
15 Atlanta 47 34 7 Still in the mix, but the pitching has been rough as of late
16 San Francisco 38 43 24 They've been on a nice run thanks to improved pitching
17 Toronto 42 39 14 Numbers are mediocre, but always good to be over .500
18 Salt Lake City 39 42 13 Great pitching start tailed off, but offense has been better
19 Burlington 35 46 18 Their pitching took a step back since the last rankings
20 Florida 37 44 23 Improved pitching as of late bumps them up a few spots 
21 Cleveland 36 45 26 Both pitching and offense improved since last rankings
22 Scranton 37 44 25 Pitching has been a problem, but have a good offense
23 Chicago  34 47 17 Numbers have down overall since the last rankings
24 Oakland 33 48 15 Pitching has been lit up, and the offense slowed down
25 Memphis  34 47 28 They've improved across the board after a very rough start
26 New Orleans 34 47 27 Pitching hasn't been great, and the offense tailed off
27 Louisville 33 48 19 Couldn't build on good start, as pitching has been lit up
28 Charlotte 32 49 21 Offense declined since last rankings, resulting in a drop
29 Richmond 30 51 31 Pitching and offense picked up some after horrific start
30 San Juan 28 53 29 Pitching has been rocked lately, without much offense
31 Helena 24 57 32 Their pitching numbers are better, but didn't lead to wins
32 Vancouver 24 57 30 Pitching numbers dropped to the worst in the world