Thursday, March 28, 2013

Season 11 League Leaders

Now that the regular season is over, here's a look at Season 11's League Leaders.

In the American League, good things came in two, Wilton Gang led the league in batting average (.364) and OBP (.429), Butch Borland led the league in Home Runs (50) and RBI (140), while Dover teammate Roger Baker led the league in slugging percentage (.644) and OPS (1.051).  Another player who doubled up was Weldon Rando who led the league in runs (139) and Stolen Bases (89).  His 89 stolen bases were 2nd most in World history, and he also happens to own the records for 1st and 3rd most!  In the NL, Robb Ross was the only one to lead multiple categories, as he was the leader in batting average (.348), slugging percentage (.646) and OBP (1.073).  Here's the complete listing of offensive leaders:

American League

Batting Average Wilton Gang Little Rock 0.364
Home Runs Butch Borland Dover 50
RBI Butch Borland Dover 140
Stolen Bases Weldon Rando Cincinnati 89
Hits Luis Vega Pawtucket 200
Runs Weldon Rando Cincinnati 139
OBP Wilton Gang Little Rock 0.429
SLG Roger Baker Dover 0.644
OPS Roger Baker Dover 1.051

National League

Batting Average Robb Ross Boston 0.348
Home Runs Eugene Quirarte Helena 44
RBI Joaquin Valverde Oklahoma City 137
Stolen Bases Tony Moyer Salem 63
Hits Bob Cambridge Louisville 193
Runs Billy Beualac Tampa Bay 117
OBP David Ontiveros Louisville 0.440
SLG Robb Ross Boston 0.646
OPS Robb Ross Boston 1.073

In the AL, it was all about Clyde Hurst. In a tremendous year, he lead the league in ERA (2.42), Strikeouts (213), WHIP (1.06) and Quality Starts (28).  Seems to me like he should be picking up a record tying 3rd Cy Young award this season. Steve Lampkin led the league in wins (21) and tied for the lead in Complete Games. Al Hollandsworth tied for the lead in Complete Games (6) and Shutouts (2).  In the NL, Che-Bang Kata led the league in innings pitched (254), strikeouts (253) and tied for the lead in quality starts (28).  Kata's 253 strikeouts came just short of breaking the top 5 best in World History, but Kata can be consoled by the fact that he, himself has all 5 of the top 5 best seasons in strikeouts, wow! Matty Posada recorded the 3rd most wins in World history with 24 and also tied Kata for most quality starts with 28. Dan Ohlendorf recorded 51 saves, 4th most in World history. Richard Ma recorded a 0.97 WHIP, which only 3 people have topped, but I didn't calculate it down to the decimal point to see if it's a true top 5.  Here's the complete listing of pitching leaders:

American League

ERA Clyde Hurst Vancouver 2.42
Wins Steve Lampkin Little Rock 21
Strikeouts Clyde Hurst Vancouver 213
Saves Alfredo Jose Augusta 49
WHIP Clyde Hurst Vancouver 1.06
Innings Pitched Nicholas Johnstone Los Angeles 252
Quality Starts Clyde Hurst Vancouver 28
Complete Games Steve Lampkin Little Rock 6

Al Hollandsworth Seattle 6
Shutouts Al Hollandsworth Seattle 2

R.J. Vidal Seattle 2

Elvis Singleton New Britain 2

National League

ERA Brad Miles Tampa Bay 1.90
Wins Matty Posada Louisville 24
Strikeouts Che-Bang Kata Tacoma 253
Saves Dan Ohlendorf Salem 51
WHIP Richard Ma Oklahoma City 0.97
Innings Pitched Che-Bang Kata Tacoma 254
Quality Starts Matty Posada Louisville 28

Che-Bang Kata Tacoma 28
Complete Games Ramiro Vazquez Rochester 7
Shutouts Ramiro Vazquez Rochester 3

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