Saturday, April 6, 2013

Season 11 Award Winners

The awards for season 11 were handed out.  Here's a recap of the winners!

Most Valuable Player
American League - Weldon Rando, Cincinnati - .301 AVG 26 HR 86 RBI 89 SB
It was a tight race for AL MVP, but Rando, the league leader in runs and stolen bases, took the crown.  Rando also posted a nice batting average and home run and RBI totals for a lead-off man.  Surprisingly enough, Rando didn't even make the all-star team, but he did win the Silver Slugger award, his first.  Rando just edged out slugger Roger Baker for the award.  Baker put up tremendous power numbers, but in the end, the all around star took home the award.

National League - Robb Ross, Boston - .348 AVG 31 HR 121 RBI
The NL race wasn't as tight, with Ross taking the trophy home after winning the batting title and leading the league in slugging and OPS.  Ross led Boston to a division title, was a starter in the All Star Game, and won a Silver Slugger award.  This is the 2nd MVP win for Ross, as he took the AL MVP crown is Season 9.  A tremendous season indeed! Joaquin Valverde of Oklahoma City finished 2nd, and also had great numbers all around, but couldn't quite get the vote over Ross.

Cy Young Award
American League - Clyde Hurst, Vancouver - 18-8 2.42 ERA 213 K
After leading the league in ERA, WHIP, strikeouts and quality starts, there was little doubt that Hurst would take home the AL Cy Young Award.  This is his 3rd win, which ties the record for the World, and 2nd in a row.  At just age 28, there's no telling how many more Cy Young Awards Hurst could win before he is done.  Hurst also made the All Star Team this year. 

National League - Matty Posada, Louisville - 24-3 2.55 ERA 218 K
Posada won the NL Cy Young in a close race with Oklahoma City's Richard Ma. Both put up extremely impressive numbers this season, but is with the wins leader Posada who came out on top.  This is Posada's 2nd Cy Young Award, as he also won the NL Cy Young in Season 9.  He also made the All Star team.  Again, Posada is only 27, so he has the potential to win more, but not if Ma has anything to say about it. 

Rookie of the Year
American League - Felipe Roque, Dover - 15-8 3.53 ERA
Roque was a runaway winner for AL Rookie of the Year.  The 26 year-old put up great numbers in his rookie campaign.  He also made the All Star team.  Roque looks like he'll be a solid SP for many seasons to come.

National League - Tony Tavarez, Oklahoma City - 12-4 2.25 ERA
Tavarez was also a runaway winner in taking home the NL Rookie of the Year.  Tavarez, an early season call-up, but up extremely impressive ERA and WHIP numbers in his rookie campaign, along with just about every other pitcher on Oklahoma City.  The 23 year-old has many great seasons ahead of him.

Fireman of the Year
American League - Alfredo Jose, Augusta - 3.05 ERA, 49 SV - 1st win
National League - Dan Ohlendorf, Salem - 2.54 ERA, 51 SV - 1st win

Silver Slugger Awards
American League
DH Roger Baker Dover 2nd
C Trenidad Franco Pawtucket 1st
1B Wilton Gang Little Rock 2nd
2B Sherman Perez Pawtucket 1st
3B Jimmy Fox Texas 1st
SS Luis Vega Pawtucket 3rd
LF Butch Borland Dover 2nd
CF Weldon Rando Cincinnati 1st
RF Ivy Mench Pawtucket 1st

National League 
P Howie Kelly Memphis 1st
C Jeremy Randall Buffalo 3rd
1B Wandy Javier Rochester 3rd
2B Robb Ross Boston 2nd
3B Randy Gonzales Chicago 1st
SS Greg Benjamin Helena 1st
LF Bob Cambridge Louisville 4th
CF Jose Rincon Oklahoma City 2nd
RF Al Martin Tacoma 1st

Gold Glove Awards
American League
P Javier Bonilla Los Angeles 1st
C Albert Gabriel Augusta 1st
1B Alan McDill Dover 2nd
2B Phil Hardy Vancouver 1st
3B Chipper Nippert Vancouver 2nd
SS Tom Post Dover 2nd
LF Walker Woodson Nashville 1st
CF Pepe Mendoza Little Rock 2nd
RF Dustin Hanson Nashville 1st

National League
P Dennis Gibson Tacoma 5th
C Bruce Sterns Helena 2nd
1B Jim Tanner Boston 1st
2B Michel Garces Durham 3rd
3B Humberto Lee Memphis 1st
SS Damaso Ethier Oklahoma City 1st
LF Rob Hutton Boston 1st
CF Philip Brock Boston 1st
RF Donaldo Alvarez Burlington 1st

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