Friday, January 6, 2017

Season 24 Offseason Free Agency Tracker

Season 24 is under way and it's hot stove season, so check back here to see where all the top free agents land this offseason!

Old New Contract
Rank Player Pos Age Team Team Amount Years
1 Justin Jordan SP 35 SAL LOU $75.0 M 5
Comments: The 2-time Cy Young Winner still has some outstanding seasons in the tank
2 Brendan O'Neil 3B 31 RIC OK $65.0 M 5
Comments: His power bat with plus fielding will be a huge add to almost any lineup
3 Adrian Skinner 2B 32 NB NAS $29.4 M 3
Comments: Nice all-around player who crushes lefties, will be a solid get
4 Deven Fielder SP 33 WIC LOU $32.5 M 5
Comments: Former Cy Young winner, whose only weakness is an average LH split
5 Jim Forbes SP 34 LOU TB $24.0 M 3
Comments: Workhorse righty with elite control and velocity and nice career numbers
6 Emmanuel Moya 3B 31 WIC WIC $19.2 M 3
Comments: Excellent in the field with elite speed/baserunning and a decent bat
7 Aramis Martinez LF 29 SYR OK $29.2 M 4
Comments: Great bat with plus power and batting eye, yet his #s haven't impressed
8 Don Kojima SP 33 OK LV $31.0 M 5
Comments: Very solid lefty with nice ratings and a history of posting good #s
9 Duane Roundtree 3B 31 NB LV $37.0 M 5
Comments: Great career #s despite subpar batting eye, should still produce
10 Matty Klaus RP 30 CLE DUR $25.4 M 4
Comments: Innings eating RP with elite control and pitches and very nice splits
11 Bob Jenkins 2B 30 MAD NB $4.1 M 1
Comments: Solid, not spectacular ratings across the board, career #s are a concern
12 Markus Nelson RP 36 TB OK $25.2 M 4
Comments: Workhorse RP who should be able to produce quality innings even at 36 
13 Carlos Santos SP 29 WIC LOU $3.6 M 1
Comments: Bad career #s as an RP, nice ratings, so may be worth a shot as an SP
14 Izzy Loaiza SP 32 CLE NY2 $18.6 M 3
Comments: Low RH split seems to be his only weakness, career #s are solid
15 Rubby Perez 3B 31 ROC HOU $8.0 M 2
Comments: Has produced solid career #s thanks to elite splits and passable as a 3B
16 Kenneth Shave LF 28 CHA HEL $10.6 M 2
Comments: Very good hitting ratings, career #s seem low and is only 28
17 Edgar Olivares 3B 32 OK LOU $11.2 M 2
Comments: Solid in the field with a nice bat, but pretty weak vs. RHP
18 Benjamin Allen LF 34 HOU KC $14.7 M 3
Comments: Very nice bat who has produced consistently, but is an injury risk
19 Robinzon Felix RP 29 LR SYR $66.0 M 5
Comments:  Interesting RP type, lights out #s, but very low durability
20 Junior Won SP 31 CLE HOU $8.2 M 2
Comments: Nice arm who has posted good #s, low RH split is a minor concern
21 Marcell Franco 1B 26 DUR NY2 $6.8 M 5
Comments: Nice bat who has never been in the Majors, but seems useful
22 Russ Bixler 1B 32 STL SEA $35.2 M 4
Comments: Solid hitting ratings across the board, but career #s underwheling
23 Dan Ohlendorf RP 38 LR LOU $3.3 M 1
Comments: Excellent RP who has stood the test of time and will be good again
24 Ubaldo Merced SP 38 LR HOU $5.6 M 1
Comments: Still a solid SP at age 38 and should be able to help a team out
25 Bernie Jackson 1B 37 SEA KC $1.8 M 1
Comments: Outstanding hitter nearing the end of his career, but still useful

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