Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Season 22 Awards Recap

It's time to recap who took home the hardware as award winners in Season 22!

American League - Ken Ingram, New Britain - .293 AVG 51 HR 142 RBI 15 SB
It's the 2nd MVP trophy win for New Britain's Ingram, and his stat line indicates he certainly deserved it.  He lead the AL in Home Runs, RBI, Slugging, and Runs and on top of that won a gold glove!  He was also an All-Star starter, his 4th All-Star appearance overall.  Ingram did it all this season and at 27 years old, has many fantastic seasons to come.

National League - J.C. Ganzel, Honolulu - .334 AVG 48 HR 133 RBI
The ageless Honolulu slugger had another phenomenal year at the plate, good enough to bring home a record tying 5th MVP trophy in Season 22.  Ganzel led the NL in Batting Average, Hits and OPS this season.  He was an All-Star starter, making his 10th All-Star appearance!  And then matched it with a 10th Silver Slugger award as well!  Ganzel is truly one of the best hitters in Kenny Powers history.  It will be interesting to see if he can put together another epic performance forth in Season 23 at age 35.

American League - Nicholas Miller, New Britain - 24-3 2.28 ERA 176 K
Miller won his 2nd consecutive Cy Young Award in a landslide, and looking at his stat line, it's not hard to see why.  He was the league leader in ERA and Wins for the top regular season team, and made his 4th All-Star appearance.  At Age 32 this upcoming season, a run at a 3rd straight Cy Young seems plausible, although whispers of a rebuild in New Britain may decrease that chance, depending on if he is traded and where he lands.

National League - Justin Jordan, Salem - 22-4 2.10 ERA 186 K
Multiple time winners all around this season, as Jordan takes home his 2nd career Cy Young Award, also having won back in Season 17.  Similar to his AL counterpart, he won in a landslide, and led the league in ERA and Wins.  He made his 6th All-Star appearance this season as well.  He'll be Age 34 next season, but should be capable of another great performance, as he continues to rack up accolades throughout the latter part of his career.

American League - Carlos Oliva, Mexico City - 19-6 3.31 ERA 129 K
Unlike most of the other award races this season, Oliva won the AL Rookie of the Year by a single vote.  With his impressive stat line, racking up 19 wins with a solid ERA, it's hard to argue he's not a deserving winner.  After 7 long seasons toiling away in the minors he finally landed a spot in the Mexico City rotation, and stepped up to the plate, or in this case mound, big time.  It will be interesting to see where the 25 year-old's career goes from here.

National League - Christopher Hamilton, Rochester - .294 AVG 41 HR 118 RBI
It was quite the debut for the #10 overall pick in the Season 19 draft, as the slugging RF for Rochester takes home the NL Rookie of the Year trophy.  On top of his stat line above, he also reached 200 hits and played in all 162 games!  Looks like he's a keeper going forward, with his splits being the only questionable part of his overall make up, his great contact, good batting eye and excellent power should help him overcome what he's lacking elsewhere.

American League - Banjo Kemp, Boise - 3.62 ERA, 41 SV, 1st Win
National League - Rico Tejera, Salem - 3.60 ERA, 37 SV, 1st Win

American League
DH Octavio Guerrero Detroit 1st
C Richard Tateyama New Britain 2nd
1B Wendell Myatt Oakland 1st
2B Sean Lewis Helena 1st
3B Andy Minor Mexico City 4th
SS Delino Santana Jacksonville 4th
LF Jose Reyes Washington 4th
CF Steve Miller New Britain 1st
RF John Greer Washington 1st

National League
P Alex Rosa Chicago 1st
C Jeremy Randall Buffalo 11th
1B Julio Park Durham 1st
2B Albert Valenzuela Buffalo 6th
3B Dingo Price Chicago 3rd
SS Darryl Matthews Cincinnati 3rd
LF Damon Duran Honolulu 1st
CF Banana Alexander Richmond 1st
RF J.C. Ganzel Honolulu 10th

American League
P Carson Pressley Boston 1st
C Brace Durocher New York 1st
1B Diego Sanchez Boston 1st
2B Ken Ingram New Britain 3rd
3B Patrick Jefferies Jacksonville 2nd
SS Delino Santana Jacksonville 3rd
LF Al Hughes Helena 1st
CF Armando Vincente Oakland 1st
RF Walt Silva Boise 2nd

National League
P Alex Rosa Chicago 1st
C Curtis Gibson Las Vegas 1st
1B Vasco Correa Chicago 2nd
2B Saul Santos Kansas City 1st
3B Dingo Price Chicago 1st
SS Beamer Healy Durham 3rd
LF Domingo Iglesias Tampa Bay 2nd
CF Miguel Cruz Burlington 1st
RF Dean Mitre Kansas City 1st

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