Thursday, April 14, 2016

Season 21 Award Winners

Award season is here in Kenny Powers, so let's see who took home the hardware for Season 21!

American League - Sherman Dunston, Boise - .292 AVG 60 HR 141 RBI
It was another phenomenal season for Sherman Dunston, reaching 60 Home Runs, which was good enough to earn him a Kenny Powers record 5th MVP award.  Even more impressive is that he's earned his 5 MVP trophies in the past six seasons!  He led the majors in Home Runs and the AL in Slugging and OPS this season, and won his sixth consecutive Silver Slugger Award.  He's truly one of the all-time greats already at age 29.

National League - J.C. Ganzel, Honolulu - .354 AVG 52 HR 153 RBI
Although Ganzel fell just short of winning the triple crown, his incredible season was good enough to win the NL MVP in a landslide, becoming only the third player in Kenny Powers history to win 4 MVP trophies.  He led the NL in Batting Average, RBI, Hits, OBP, Slugging and OPS, won his 9th Silver Slugger Award and made his 9th All-Star team.  No doubt Ganzel is also an all-time great in Kenny Powers.

American League - Nicholas Miller, New Britain - 21-5 2.70 ERA 202 K
The 30 year-old Miller took home his first Cy Young Award in a landslide, leading the way for a strong New Britain team.  He led the AL in Wins, Strikeouts and WHIP, and tied for the lead in Shutouts.  He also made his 3rd All-Star appearance.  The 8 year vet finally put it altogether this season, topping the 20 win mark for the first time.

National League - Tommy Stoddard, Honolulu - 16-2 1.32 ERA 151 K
It was a tight NL Cy Young Award race, but in the end Honolulu's Stoddard got the nod by posting an outstanding record, and a new Kenny Powers single season record for ERA.  This is the 32 year-old's first Cy Young win, and he also made his 3rd All-Star appearance this season.  It was a tight race, but it's hard to argue that Stoddard didn't deserve the win with the outstanding numbers he posted.

American League - C.C. Knott, Charlotte - .272 AVG 52 HR 123 RBI
The 28 year-old Knott finally got the call this season after toiling away in the minors for several seasons, and he didn't disappoint, knocking out an impressive 52 Home Runs to earn him AL Rookie of the Year honors.  He has an elite power bat, but questionable hitting skills otherwise, which probably resulted in his long minor league stint.  It's a good bet with these numbers, he's not headed back down any time soon.  He also took home a Silver Slugger Award this season.

National League - Alex Rosa, Chicago - 20-8 3.53 ERA 182 K
Rosa stepped up big time in his first season in the big leagues, leading the charge for Chicago, and the NL in Wins.  This was good enough to earn him NL Rookie of the Year by a wide margin.  Rosa is a workhorse with great control, good splits and solid velocity.  He should continue to post great numbers for Chicago, a squad that was in the thick of the NL pennant race all season.  

American League - Shawn Melhuse, Boston - 3.70 ERA, 56 SV - 1st Win
National League - Bo Edmonds, Chicago - 2.79 ERA, 47 SV - 1st Win

American League
DH Nick Spence Helena 1st
C Richard Tateyama New Britain 1st
1B Sherman Dunston Boise 6th
2B Ken Ingram New Britain 3rd
3B Luis Diaz Helena 1st
SS Delino Santana Jacksonville 3rd
LF C.C. Knott Charlotte 1st
CF Sidney Forbes New York 2nd
RF Heathcliff Davis New York 1st
National League
P Bryan Cordova Oklahoma City 1st
C Jeremy Randall Buffalo 10th
1B Brett Leach Las Vegas 2nd
2B Albert Valenzuela Buffalo 5th
3B Dingo Price Chicago 2nd
SS Brendan O'Neil Louisville 2nd
LF Shane Curtis Rochester 2nd
CF Greg Rivers Honolulu 1st
RF J.C. Ganzel Honolulu 9th

American League
P Allan Blackley New York 2nd
C Wayne Sherman Oakland 1st
1B Joaquin Gonzales Jacksonville 1st
2B Ken Ingram New Britain 2nd
3B Andy Minor Atlanta 1st
SS Banana Bergeron New Britain 3rd
LF Will Burkhart Iowa City 1st
CF Rex Kennedy Helena 3rd
RF Walt Silva Boise 1st
National League
P Jim Forbes Huntington 1st
C Julian Butera Rochester 2nd
1B Vasco Correa Chicago 1st
2B Miguel Armas Syracuse 1st
3B Lenny Brinkley Huntington 1st
SS Beamer Healy Durham 2nd
LF Hipolito Mesa Burlington 1st
CF David Meng Huntington 2nd
RF Jason Douglas Cleveland 1st

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