Thursday, September 3, 2015

Season 19 Awards Recap

As New Britain and Syracuse are battling it out in the World Series, it's also Awards season, so let's see who took home this season's hardware!

American League - Sherman Dunston, San Francisco - .330 AVG 50 HR 148 RBI
It was just another ho-hum MVP season for Dunston, who picked up his 4th straight AL MVP award with another spectacular year at the plate.  He is now tied for the most MVP's in Kenny Powers history, at just age 27.  It will be interesting to see how many more MVP's he can win, and how many records he can shatter.  He's truly an elite talent.  He also made the All-Star team and won a Silver Slugger this season.

National League - Alex Sanchez, Tucson - .339 AVG 64 HR 150 RBI
Sanchez won the NL MVP, his first, in a landslide, and with the numbers he put up, it's easy to see why.  He probably would have even beat Dunston if he was in the AL!  Like his AL counterpart, he also made the All-Star team and won a Silver Slugger.  At just age 26, and with perhaps the most powerful bat in Kenny Powers, he should continue to put up mind-boggling numbers, and another MVP trophy in the future certainly is a possibility

American League - Deven Fielder, New York - 21-5 2.93 ERA 194 K
Fielder led the charge for one of the AL's most up-and-coming teams, New York, collecting the Cy Young Award for his efforts, his first win.   With New York getting better as a team, Fielder should have more Cy Young opportunities, thanks to increased win totals, as the 28 year-old has few flaws, if any, in his arsenal.  He also made the All-Star team this season, his first, and won a Gold Glove.  Quite the breakout season for a player who had never won any honors prior to this season.

National League - Co-Winners
Jimmie Soto, Buffalo - 19-5 2.59 ERA 223 K
Tim Blair, Syracuse - 17-7 2.38 ERA 204 K
The NL voters were unable to decide between Soto and Blair, both who had outstanding win-loss records, ERA's and strikeout totals on successful teams.  Therefore both hurlers will claim stake to this season's NL Cy Young Award.   This is Soto's 2nd Cy Young win, as he also won in Season 13, while it is Blair's 1st.  Both players also made the All-Star team this season.  Blair is trying to add a World Series ring, but his squad is facing a tough opponent in New Britain.

American League - Nick Spence, Helena - .278 AVG 51 HR 118 RBI
Helena's 22 year-old slugging 1st baseman powered his way to a landslide Rookie of the Year win by topping the 50 Home Run mark in his rookie campaign.  He also made the All-Star team and won a Gold Glove this season.  This very likely won't be the last 50 HR season for Spence, as the numbers are legit, he is truly an elite power bat, who could make quite the dent on the Kenny Powers record books once all is said and done.

National League - Alfredo Ortiz, Richmond - .274 AVG 34 HR 80 RBI
Ortiz won a close NL Rookie of the Year vote,  putting up very solid numbers in his rookie campaign.  With excellent power and a very good batting eye, to go with solid contact and decent splits, Ortiz looks like his ceiling could even be a bit higher than his rookie season numbers.  Now that he has reached the majors after six seasons in the Minors, he should be a productive player for many seasons to come.

American League - J.D. Willis, New York - 2.55 ERA, 44 SV, 1st Win
National League - David Silva, Buffalo - 2.21 ERA, 42 SV, 2nd Win

American League
DH Benj Cassidy Pawtucket 2nd
C Caleb Parnell Oakland 4th
1B Sherman Dunston San Francisco 4th
2B Ken Ingram New Britain 1st
3B Andy Minor Atlanta 2nd
SS Delino Santana Little Rock 2nd
LF Jose Reyes Pawtucket 3rd
CF Tony Escobar Charlotte 1st
RF Max Acevedo Oakland 2nd

National League
P Tomas Brogna Santa Cruz 1st
C Mike Russell Santa Cruz 1st
1B Alex Sanchez Tucson 2nd
2B Albert Valenzuela Buffalo 3rd
3B Jimmy Fox Oklahoma City 6th
SS Jose Cortes Chicago 1st
LF Ivy Mench Honolulu 7th
CF Norm Hodges Santa Cruz 2nd
RF J.C. Ganzel Honolulu 7th

American League
P Deven Fielder New York 1st
C Chad Hunter Boston 1st
1B Nick Spence Helena 1st
2B Frank Davis Helena 1st
3B Chipper Nippert Seattle 5th
SS Banana Bergeron New Britain 1st
LF Geraldo Perez New Britain 1st
CF Rex Kennedy Helena 2nd
RF Donaldo Borbon Boston 2nd

National League
P Yuniesky Gutierrez Honolulu 3rd
C Ellie Henry Richmond 2nd
1B Miguel Casilla Santa Cruz 1st
2B Domingo Iglesias San Juan 1st
3B Felix Cochrane Memphis 1st
SS Shaggy Keefe Salt Lake City 1st
LF Joey Aumont Santa Cruz 2nd
CF Norm Hodges Santa Cruz 2nd
RF Rodrigo Toregas Cleveland 2nd

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