Saturday, May 30, 2015

Season 18 Award Winners

With the World Series under way, awards are official, so let's take a look at who took home the hardware in Season 18 of Kenny Powers!

American League - Sherman Dunston, San Francisco - .346 AVG 49 HR 129 RBI
It was a much closer race this season, but Dunston managed to nab his 3rd consecutive AL MVP trophy after lighting up the stat sheet with tremendous numbers yet again.  He led the AL in Slugging and OPS, and put up spectacular numbers elsewhere, which was good enough to give him the nod, even though he didn't make the All-Star team.  He becomes the 5th player in Kenny Powers history to win at least 3 MVP awards.

National League - Jeremy Randall, Buffalo - .354 AVG 35 HR 111 RBI
It was a truly epic season for Randall, winning the batting title, and leading the NL in OBP, Slugging and OPS.  His .509 OBP and 141 walks are new Kenny Powers single season records.  Hard to argue with Randall as the NL MVP, and in winning the award, he sets another Kenny Powers record, becoming the first player in Kenny Powers history to win 4 MVP awards.  Randall is certainly making his case to be called the greatest offensive player ever in Kenny Powers.

American League - Valerio Baez, New Britain - 20-12 3.20 ERA 179 K
Baez edged out teammate Tony Gwynn to win a very close AL Cy Young vote.  Baez led the AL in Innings Pitched, Complete Games, and tied for the lead in Wins.  He also made his 4th All-Star appearance this season.  This is his 3rd Cy Young Award, going back-to-back, and winning 3 out of the last 4 in the AL.  At only age 26, he has the chance to cement his legacy as one of the all-time greats in upcoming seasons.

National League - Alberto Campos, Syracuse - 18-1 1.76 ERA 142 K
Campos was out of this world good this season in route to his 2nd Cy Young win, posting the 4th best ERA and 3rd best WHIP in Kenny Powers history.  In going 18-1, he has also set a new Kenny Powers record for Winning Percentage in a single season for those with at least 15 decisions.  He made his 8th All-Star team this season as well, inching him closer to sure-fire Hall of Fame status.

American League - Wendell Myatt, Oakland - .320 AVG 30 HR 105 RBI
Myatt had a fantastic rookie campaign that won him the AL Rookie of the Year trophy by a landslide.  His excellent contact, batting eye and splits indicate he will be a great hitter for seasons to come.  30 Home Runs may be near the ceiling of his power capabilities, but he will be a great bat either way.

National League - Norberto Morales, Richmond - 17-5 2.50 ERA 145 K
Morales also won Rookie of the Year by a wide margin, which is not a surprise given his numbers.  In a lot of seasons, the numbers would be good enough to contend for the Cy Young Award, but there seemed to be many spectacular pitching performances in the NL this season.  Morales is the real deal and it wouldn't be a surprise at all to see him contending for the Cy Young soon.

American League - Zachrey Coleman, Toronto - 1.95 ERA 35 SV, 3rd win
National League - Jamie Mancuso, Memphis - 2.87 ERA 56 SV, 5th win

American League
DH Bernie Jackson New York 1st
C Livan Espinoza Little Rock 2nd
1B Sherman Dunston San Francisco 3rd
2B Mo Ferguson Little Rock 1st
3B David Frias Boston 5th
SS Delino Santana Little Rock 1st
LF Jose Reyes Pawtucket 2nd
CF Clay Neal Nashville 1st
RF Max Acevedo Oakland 1st

National League
P Ellis Brock Tampa Bay 1st
C Jeremy Randall Buffalo 8th
1B Alex Sanchez Tucson 1st
2B Adrian Skinner Honolulu 1st
3B Jimmy Fox Oklahoma City 5th
SS Darryl Matthews Cleveland 2nd
LF Ivy Mench Honolulu 6th
CF Brendan O'Neil Honolulu 1st
RF J.C. Ganzel Honolulu 6th

American League
P Anthony Wilkinson Nashville 1st
C Heinie Pecina New York 4th
1B Albert Aardsma Toronto 1st
2B Mark Wallace Toronto 2nd
3B Orber Pena Little Rock 2nd
SS Delino Santana Little Rock 2nd
LF Gabe Palmer Boston 2nd
CF Rex Kennedy Helena 1st
RF Gerald Moore New Orleans 1st

National League
Jimmie Soto Buffalo 1st
C Carson Fossum San Juan 1st
1B Jhonny Martinez Burlington 1st
2B Phil Hardy Cleveland 3rd
3B Hawk Carew Tampa Bay 3rd
SS Takumi Lee San Juan 1st
LF Joey Aumont Santa Cruz 1st
CF Winston Harvey Tampa Bay 2nd
RF Davy Kendrick Buffalo 1st

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