Friday, August 22, 2014

Season 16 Preseason Power Rankings

Season 16 is on the horizon as spring training winds down, so it's time for the preseason power rankings before the regular season kicks off.  The teams at the top are familiar names, as back-to-back champion Oklahoma City takes the top spot.  They seem to get a key Free Agent each season, and this season it was Sherman Perez.  #2 Buffalo and #3 Honolulu, both coming off 100 win seasons, will again try to dethrone OKC as kings of the NL, and have the talent to potentially do it.  Detroit comes in at #4 as the top AL team, and will certainly face challenges from #5 Pawtucket and #6 New Britain.  Will these teams rule their leagues or will other teams surprise and crack the top echelon of the Kenny Powers World?  It will be interesting to see!   Good luck to all in the regular season and here are the complete rankings!

Season 15

Team  W L    Comments
1 Oklahoma City 102 60 Poised for another great year and added Sherman Perez
2 Buffalo  108 54 Gunning for Oklahoma City as always and looking strong
3 Honolulu 106 56 Had league's top pitching last season, will make a run too
4 Detroit 98 64 Well balanced team that could take next step this season
5 Pawtucket  91 71 Wagner will help the pitching staff, have great offense too
6 New Britain  98 64 They should be in the thick of it in the AL, nice all around
7 Rochester 80 82 Numbers were much better than 80-82 record last season 
8 Seattle 101 61 Lost a couple of guys, but still have a solid core group 
9 Tampa Bay 83 79 Tough being in OKC's division, but they have the talent 
10 St. Louis 90 72 If they get a little more from the bats, they will move up 
11 Nashville  82 80 Mediocre record last season, but numbers looked good 
12 Indianapolis 85 77 Could build on their division title from last season for sure
13 Toronto 88 74 Losing Wagner hurts, we'll have to see if they can adjust
14 Tucson 82 80 Pitching needs to improve this year for them to move up
15 Cleveland 69 93 Made some nice free agent adds, so should be better 
16 Scranton 79 83 Great offense, but pitching hurt them a bit last season 
17 Little Rock  80 82 Numbers are about in the middle of the pack, so we'll see
18 Richmond 80 82 We'll see if the new owner can reign in the pitching staff
19 Oakland 73 89 Pitching was an issue here too, but offense is very solid
20 Pittsburgh 74 88 Had a couple of nice signings, which should help them out
21 San Francisco 63 99 Very active in FA, signing 3 of top 10, so it's looking up
22 Florida 77 85 They've been improving last few season, and could step up
23 Salt Lake City 68 94 Added a huge bat in Franco, we'll see if they step it up
24 San Juan 84 78 May be an adjustment period with transition to new owner
25 Chicago  72 90 Pretty off season for the offense, but could rebound there
26 Burlington 72 90 Tough park for hitters, but they've improved last few seasons
27 Helena 76 86 Rebuilding, as 4-time Cy Young winner Hurst was traded
28 Kansas City 71 91 Offense is not bad, can new owner get pitching in shape?
29 Memphis  65 97 Rough going last season, their ranking is always volatile
30 Syracuse 68 94 Offense was bad last season, new owner may rebuild here
31 Louisville 65 97 They've been rebuilding, the offense was up last year though
32 Vancouver 62 100 They were bad all-around last season and rebuilding as well

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