Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Season 13 League Leaders

It's time to look back at Season 13 and recognize this year's league leaders!  Let's get right into it.


In the American League, Alan McDill led the league in Batting Average (.323), OBP (.412),  SLG (.644), and OPS (1.056).  A very impressive year for him indeed.  Weldon Rando was also feature multiple times, leading the league in Runs (131) and Stolen Bases (105).  His 105 SB was the 2nd most in Kenny Powers history for a single season, and Rando now owns all 5 of the top 5 individual seasons in Stolen Bases!

In the National League,  Russell Berry led the league in OBP (.417), SLG (.571) and OBP (.989).  Louisville's Bob Cambridge took home the batting title (.334) and had the most hits (217).  His 217 hits are tied for 3rd best ever in a single season in Kenny Powers history.

Here are the complete Offensive League Leaders!

American League

Batting Average Alan McDill Dover .323
Home Runs Achilles Sadler Detroit 54
RBI Chipper Nippert Arizona 128
Stolen Bases Weldon Rando Toronto 105
Hits Clay Neal Nashville 202
Runs Weldon Rando Toronto 131
OBP Alan McDill Dover .412
SLG Alan McDill Dover .644
OPS Alan McDill Dover 1.056

National League

Batting Average Bob Cambridge Louisville .334
Home Runs J.C. Ganzel Honolulu 48
RBI Antonio Liang Louisville 131
Stolen Bases Luis Estalella Indianapolis 51
Hits Bob Cambridge Louisville 217
Runs Joaquin Valverde Oklahoma City 111
OBP Russell Berry Tampa Bay .417
SLG Russell Berry Tampa Bay .571
OPS Russell Berry Tampa Bay .989


On the pitching side in the American League, Ted Wagner of Toronto led the league in ERA (2.88) and Complete Games (7), while Benito Lucano of Texas led the league in Wins (17) and Quality Starts (25).

In the National League, Jimmie Soto of Buffalo tied for the league lead in Wins (21), and had the most Strikeouts (231) and Quality Starts (29).   His 29 Quality Starts tied for 5th most in Kenny Powers history.

Ralph Moseley and Jeff Jennings each tossed 3 shutouts this season which ties for 5th best in any single season in World history.

Here are the complete pitching leaders!

American League

ERA Ted Wagner  Toronto 2.88
Wins Benito Lucano Texas 17
Strikeouts Stewart Mouton New Britain 220
Saves Zachrey Coleman Toronto 40
WHIP Will Scott Charleston 1.07
Innings Pitched Clyde Hurst Arizona 247.0
Quality Starts Benito Lucano Texas 25
Complete Games Ted Wagner Toronto 7
Shutouts Ralph Moseley Detroit 3

National League

ERA Alberto Campos Vancouver 2.10
Wins Jimmie Soto  Buffalo 21

Dwight Flynn Buffalo 21
Strikeouts Jimmie Soto  Buffalo 232
Saves Markus Nelson Rochester 47
WHIP Tuck Huff Burlington 1.01
Innings Pitched Jim Forbes Burlington 252.0
Quality Starts Jimmie Soto Buffalo 29
Complete Games Spud Wheeler Indianapolis 7
Shutouts Jeff Jennings St.Louis 3

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