Friday, December 27, 2013

Season 13 Award Winners

While the battle for the Season 13 World Series Trophy is going on, the award winners for Season 13 were crowned.  Let's see who took home the hardware!

Most Valuable Player
American League - Alan McDill, Dover - .323 AVG 51 HR 129 RBI
McDill's dominant season where he led the league in AVG, SLG, OBP and OPS, with home run and RBI totals amongst the best was enough to earn him this season's AL MVP honors.  This was his first MVP win.  The 30 year old also took home a Silver Slugger Award this season.  McDill had an offensive season to remember, one of the best in recent Kenny Powers history. 

National LeagueBob Cambridge, Louisville - .334 AVG 31 HR 119 RBI
Cambridge was the NL batting champ and hits leader on top of winning Season 13's NL MVP award.  It was the first MVP award for the 32 year old Cambridge, who won MVP despite not making the All Star team or winning a Silver Slugger.  His offensive numbers were extremely impressive, however, and the honor is well deserved. 

Cy Young Award
American League - Ted Wagner, Toronto - 15-6 2.88 ERA 124 K
Wagner, the AL ERA leader and Complete Games leader took home the Cy Young award in the AL with a stellar season for Toronto.  This is Wagner's 2nd Cy Young award, as he also took home the AL Cy Young in Season 9.  Wagner's peripherals were so outstanding, that he was able to take the Cy Young in a season in which he won only 15 games.  That says a lot.  Wagner also made the All Star team this season

National League - Jimmie Soto, Buffalo - 21-7 2.33 ERA 232 K
Soto was clearly the most dominant pitcher in Kenny Powers Season 13 with an impressive strikeout total, the most quality starts, and 21 wins.  He now has three straight 20 win seasons, although this is his first Cy Young win. At only age 27, it may not be his last, however.  Soto also made the All Star team this season, his 3rd career appearance in the mid-season classic.   

Rookie of the Year
American LeagueNicholas Miller, New Britain - 13-7 3.28 ERA 186 K
The 22 year old Miller has the potential to be a stellar pitcher for seasons to come.  His first season in the majors was an absolute success, taking home the AL Rookie of the Year award.  It's hard to pinpoint any weaknesses in Miller's makeup.  He should be a tremendous arm for seasons to come, and we may even see him in the Cy Young Award section in the near future. 

National LeagueDon Kojima, Oklahoma City - 15-3 3.13 ERA 124 K
For the third time in four seasons, the NL Rookie of the Year comes out of Oklahoma City.  This year's winner, the 22 year old Kojima, is a crafty lefty who gets a lot of ground balls, has a great arsenal of pitches and decent control and splits.  His win total was boosted by playing for the best team in the world this season, which helps.  We can't see Kojima as a future Cy Young winner, but he will continue to be a solid middle of the rotation guy for seasons to come. 

Fireman of the Year
American LeagueZachrey Coleman, Toronto - 3.17 ERA 40 SV - 1st Win
National LeagueJamie Mancuso, Memphis - 2.35 ERA, 46 SV - 3rd Win

Silver Slugger Awards

American League

DH Achilles Sadler Detroit 1st
C Benji Estrada Arizona 1st
1B Alan McDill Dover 3rd
2B Sherman Perez Pawtucket 3rd
3B Jimmy Fox Texas 2nd
SS David Frias Dover 1st
LF Butch Borland Dover 2nd
CF Pascual Nunez Chicago 1st
RF Anthony Xavier Seattle 6th

National League

P Karim Duran St. Louis 1st
C Russell Berry Tampa Bay 1st
1B Richie Lombard Cincinnati 1st
2B Joaquin Valverde Oklahoma City 6th
3B Jose Alonso Oklahoma City 5th
SS Frank Davis Cincinnati 1st
LF Bob Cambridge Louisville 5th
CF Cesar Perez Kansas City 2nd
RF J.C. Ganzel Honolulu 1st

Gold Glove Awards

American League

P Hank Sellers Nashville 1st
C Heinie Pecina New York 2nd
1B Trent Glynn Toronto 1st
2B Edgar Olivares Toronto 1st
3B Jose Toregas New Britain 1st
SS Emil Servet Oakland 1st
LF Weldon Rando Toronto 1st
CF Pepe Mendoza Little Rock 4th
RF Tony Escobar Nashville 1st

National League

P Yuniesky Gutierrez Portland 1st
C Chance Harmon Chicago 1st
1B Mike Oquist Memphis 2nd
2B Jim Tanner Cincinnati 2nd
3B Tony Bonifacio St. Louis 2nd
SS Bryant Swift St. Louis 5th
LF Alex Gonzalez St. Louis 1st
CF P.T. Henriquez Honolulu 4th
RF Nate O'Brien Burlington 1st

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