Sunday, September 18, 2016

Season 23 Offseason Free Agency Tracker

Season 23 is now in full swing, and hot stove season is here.  Check back here to see where all the top Free Agents land this offseason!  Best of luck to all in their pursuit of that player that could put them over the top!

Old New Contract
Rank Player Pos Age Team Team Amount Years
1 Nicholas Miller SP 32 NB WAS $51.0 M 5
Comments: He's won back-to-back Cy Young awards, so he's probably pretty good
2 Rodrigo Toregas 3B 30 NY2 LOU $79.0 M 5
Comments: Unmatched power, great eye and plus splits, also an excellent fielder
3 Delino Santana SS 31 TB CHA $61.0 M 5
Comments: Elite batting eye and LH split and great fielding make him extremely valuable
4 Neil Cunningham SP 31 HEL SAL $31.6 M 5
Comments: Excellent across the board, except for LH split, still top end of rotation type
5 Tommy Stoddard SP 34 HON BOI $45.0 M 5
Comments: His ratings are 2nd to none, but limited DUR/STA a concern as he ages
6 Jose Reyes LF 32 CLB OK $43.9 M 5
Comments: Excellent power and batting eye as he has a .900 career OPS and owns LHP
7 Bob Patterson LF 31 MC DUR $26.6 M 4
Comments: Great power bat with outstanding track record and should tear it up in Durham
8 Victor Diaz SP 32 DET WIC $42.5 M 5
Comments: Plus control and splits, and his pitch arsenal is pretty good, solid starter
9 Brett Leach 1B 32 LV SEA $55.0 M 4
Comments: Elite hitting ratings for sure, but power drop over past few seasons is a concern
10 Ricardo Guerrero DH 28 TRE WAS $4.6 M 1
Comments: Elite power hitter who can crush it, although not as effective vs. RHP
11 J.D. Willis RP 35 WIC OK $20.0 M 4
Comments: Excellent ratings across the board and has shown he can anchor a bullpen
12 Richard Tateyama C 28 NB LR $19.2 M 4
Comments: Decent enough as a catcher, nice bat with outstanding eye and is only 28
13 Randy Murphy SP 26 SAL NY1 $43.8 M 5
Comments: Outstanding control, nice array of pitches, but none of them are lights out.
14 Marshall Hatfield SP 30 LV LV $29.6 M 5
Comments: Solid ratings all-around, keeps the ball down, and has done great in Vegas
15 Orlando Ortiz RP 33 HEL LV $9.6 M 2
Comments: Outstanding lefty reliever with great pitch command and a nice track record
16 Bernie Jackson DH 36 WIC SEA $4.1 M 1
Comments: He's getting up there in age, but still has a sweet bat, with a great eye
17 Geraldo Perez 2B 33 NB LR $11.4 M 3
Comments: Plus splits and batting eye, nice career numbers, subpar put passable at 2B
18 David Frias 3B 35 RIC HEL $1.5 M 1
Comments: The aging vet is still a pretty solid all-around player and could help a team
19 Alex Henley RP 28 SAL NB $1.6 M 1
Comments: Weak RH split is his only glaring weakness, could bounce back from off year
20 Jed McKnight SP 29 NY2 HON $14.6 M 3
Comments: Pitches are tremendous, with plus control, but weak splits could hold him back
21 Rob Fisher SP 29 ROC NY1 $9.2 M 2
Comments: Extremely strong pitches, but lack of control could lead to some rough outings
22 Cam Bleier 3B 30 LV LV $33.5 M 5
Comments: Excellent defender and has a decent enough bat to not be a liability there
23 Kevin Duran 3B 28 HON MC $6.2 M 2
Comments: All-around solid player, nice LH split, yet not really spectacular anywhere else
24 Perry Kelly RP 29 STL
Comments: Workhorse with mediocre splits his only downside, could be a decent RP
25 Darron Barker  RP 27 DUR MC $0.8 M 1
Comments: Splits are ok, not great, everything else looks solid, could help a ML team

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