Monday, May 23, 2016

Season 22 Offseason Free Agency Tracker

Season 22 is under way, this is the place to track movement of the top players in offseason free agency.   Best of luck to all of the shoppers out there!

Old New Contract
Rank Player Pos Age Team Team Amount Years
1 Shane Curtis RF 30 ROC ROC $100.0 M 5
Comments: This season's top Free Agent has 100 HR in the past two seasons
2 B.C. Philips LF 30 WAS STL $75.0 M 5
Comments:  Has 75 HR in the past two seasons and is still a major threat at the plate
3 Marc Towers 3B 33 RIC SEA $60.0 M 4
Comments: Towers is still a superior talent but age is a slight concern with him
4 Gary Simmons 1B 30 SYR SYR $10.3 M 3
Comments: Superior batting eye and ability to hit RHP has his career OPS over .800
5 Mark Randolph SP 31 DUR DUR $22.6 M 4
Comments: Not a staff ace, but fairly effective in Durham and keeps the ball dwon
6 Wilkin Ozuna SP 34 HON ROC $10.8 M 2
Comments: In a very weak pitching FA class, he's one of the best starters available
7 J.J. Brewer 1B 34 SYR SYR $4.2 M 1
Comments: One of the best pure hitting talents available, coming off a great season
8 Cesar Osoria CF 32 NO SEA $40.0 M 4
Comments: Can get on base, doesn't strike out much, and plays a good CF
9 Luis Guerrero LF 33 NB NB $11.6 M 2
Comments: He's an OBP machine, with one of the best batting eyes around
10 Ricardo Guerrero DH 27 NB TRE $7.2 M 2
Comments: Best pure power bat around, and has .834 career OPS, but limited in the field
11 Julio Mairena RP 31 JAX HON $20.8 M 4
Comments:  Not an outstanding track record, but he's got the tools to still be a solid RP
12 Morris Washington C 34 SYR BOI $15.0 M 3
Comments: Very nice bat for a Catcher, but with low arm strength may give up a lot of steals
13 Antonio Zhang RP 31 BUF LOU $3.6 M 1
Comments: Nice track record of success and shouldn't start his decline for a bit
14 Clay Baker C 30 NB KC $4.2 M 1
Comments: Great bat for a Catcher, decent defensively, but pitch calling skills are weak
15 John Mercedes SP 34 BOS STL $9.2 M 2
Comments: Decent SP for what's out there but mediocre control makes him a risk
16 Otto Gibson LF 34 SEA SYR $14.6 M 3
Comments: Solid, yet not spectacular bat, and age related decline is a factor
17 Karim Calderone RP 35 WAS TB $17.0 M 4
Comments: Solid track record, and very effective pitches, but age is a slight concern here
18 Horace Foster RP 31 KC SYR $13.3 M 3
Comments: Very nice overall makeup, although he doesn't have that lights out goto pitch
19 Sidney Forbes CF 35 NY1 LOU $4.3 M 1
Comments: Tremendous batting eye and can still play a decent CF, but age is a factor
20 Thom Cummings RP 27 NY1 SEA $0.7 M 1
Comments: Terrible track record, but is only 27 with decent ratings, so could surprise
21 Rob Fisher SP 28 BOS ROC $5.6 M 2
Comments: Underwhelming control and splits, but great pitches and keeps it down
22 Boone James RP 29 RIC HEL $8.4 M 2
Comments: Ratings seem to indicate he could improve on career numbers and is only 29
23 Tom Day 1B 32 NY1 OKC $21.5 M 4
Comments: Great batting eye, with decent speed, but below average power
24 Hal Rowe RP 31 NY1 OKC $5.6 M 2
Comments: Outstanding control and effective vs. LH, but lacks strong pitches
25 Dusty Cook RP 36 DET CH1 $8.0 M 2
Comments: He's getting up there in age, but very impressive ratings and good track record

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  1. My list of impact FAs
    Shane Curtis – Not as good a bat as you may think since he’s a righty (look at his career OPS). Also, a ‘tweener in the field who can’t really man a premium defensive position. Those 60s ratings on defense also drive up his OA (86) and price tag in free agency. A guy I predicted would be massively overpaid (prediction confirmed – he got a max deal!). The best hitter available but you can find the same bat for next to nothing at 1B, DH/C.

    Gerald Richard – A bunch of medicore PC catchers who can hit some were available but Richard was the best batter, had low demands relative to the rest, and his 49 PC is perfectly passable. Should be able to get a good couple years out of him.

    Achilles Sadler – If you just need a DH for a year, Sadler costs very little and only Shane Curtis is clearly better with the bat – for ~20x the cost!

    Henderson Van Hatten – low tier 1B starter, I guess? Not worth his demands to me even as the best 1B available.

    B. C. Philips, Gary Simmons – its little harder to find acceptable (not “good”) OF batters than 1B/DH types but these two are not exactly mashers. Philips is actually quite a bit worse due to inflated demands owing (partially/mostly?) to his 91 speed which I don’t think does anything. I guess Philips also has better stamina and health too..either way, not exactly players you want to invest big FA dollars into. You could trade cheaply for someone languishing in triple A that is just as good. There are also a few old guys who are extremely similar batters.

    Marc Towers – not ideal at age 33 but if I was going to spend big it probably would be for him. His bat looks much better at 2B/3B or even CF than it would at corner OF or 1B. If you really want to stack your offense you need to add guys like Towers to a core of cheaper mashers at the corner positions (1B, 3B, LF, RF). With slightly better defense numbers he’d be one of the best SS in the game (maybe +2-3 to each stat).

    Morris Washington – the guy to grab if you want a high PC catcher who can hit. Held back by being 34.

    Sidney Forbes – CFs who can hit like him are actually a rare commodity. I gladly take him, even at age 35, although his Range stat of 74 is a bit borderline.

    Dusty Cook, Bert Post – Cooks better but IMO its hard to spend big $$$ on guys with stamina in the teens unless the rest of your team is already rock solid (and you have good bargains elsewhere). Hick Walker could go here too but 6 Stm is pretty much a joke.
    Jack Thompson – I had him as the best SP by quite a bit and not any others I would be happy to run out very often. Neil O’Brien is serviceable if you consider 54/23 a starter.

    Mitch Cooper, Karim Calderone – good middle relief, but old. Especially Cooper at 40,who is also a huge flyballer. Can’t really give him more than a two year option deal. Walt DeWitt is also similar but probably not quite as good (but they’re all close enough together I guess)

    Best of the rest, short relief (20s Stm) – Julio Mairena, Damaso Perez, Antonio Zhang. Mairena is the best of those I think. Zhang could be susceptible to the long ball.

    For me, everyone else available is SP5 or LRB material at best