Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Season 20 Award Winners

Here's a summary of the Season 20 Major Award Winners!

American League - Ken Ingram, New Britain - .292 AVG 62 HR 155 RBI
Ingram was a run-away winner of the AL MVP award, dethroning Sherman Dunston, who had won the last 4 AL MVP awards and finished 2nd in Season 20.  The 25 year-old had another breakout season, surpassing his Season 19 breakout in which he won a Silver Slugger, Gold Glove and made the All-Star team.  He made the All-Star team and won a Silver Slugger in Season 20 as well and also hit for the cycle in his MVP season, an honor that was very well deserved.  

National League - Alex Sanchez, Tucson -  .302 AVG 68 HR 159 RBI
Tucson's top slugger picked up a 2nd straight NL MVP award after another stellar season, topping his previous MVP campaign's HR and RBI totals.   This marks his 4th season with at least 60 HR and 3rd with at least 150 RBI.  He is on the path to become one of the elite sluggers in Kenny Powers history, and at just age 28 next season, he seems primed for several more outstanding seasons.  He also won a Silver Slugger this past season, and was All-Star Game MVP.

American League - Ubaldo Merced, Atlanta - 20-7 2.30 ERA 189 K
At age 34, Merced took home his first Cy Young award in Season 20 as part of the heralded Atlanta pitching staff.  Things really seem to have clicked for him since joining Atlanta, as he has won 20 games twice and made 2 All-Star teams in addition to his Cy Young win.  Prior to his Atlanta stint, he had only made one All-Star team and never won more than 15 games.  Coming into to his age 35 season, he looks like he's still going strong and ready for another great season.

National League - Norberto Morales, Richmond - 23-4 2.54 ERA 197 K
The 24 year-old lefty had a break out Season 20, in which he anchored the eventual World Champion Richmond squad, and took home his first Cy Young award.  The Season 18 Rookie of the Year bounced back from a mediocre Season 19 to dominate the NL and win an impressive 23 games.  His Season 20 highlights included throwing a no-hitter, and making the All-Star team.  Coming into his age 25 season, it looks like he will be a force in the Richmond rotation for seasons to come.

American League - Co-Winners
Shawn Olson, Helena - 10-3 1.99 ERA 105 K
Albert Mendoza, New York - .288 AVG 29 HR 93 RBI 37 SB
Voters couldn't decide on a clear cut AL Rookie of the Year, so we ended up with Co-Winners.  Olson started 22 games in his Rookie campaign, and posted dominant numbers, including a microscopic 1.99 ERA.  Some might question his durability, but he looks like a solid hurler going forward for sure.  Mendoza showed he is a great all-around player in his rookie season, with good power and speed numbers, and should be a solid asset going forward.

National League - Vic Hall, Louisville - .267 AVG 39 HR 90 RBI 21 SB
Hall showed great power potential in his rookie season, as well as solid baserunning ability in taking home the NL Rookie of the Year crown.  Only 22 going into Season 21, it will be interesting to see how his elite power and solid speed will translate in terms of the numbers he puts up.  It could amount to multiple All-Star games and a few MVP's, although he does have a few holes in his swing, so it's not a given.  When he does make contact, look out, as he ranks amongst the best in Kenny Powers in pure power.

American League - Zachrey Coleman, Toronto - 3.88 ERA, 41 SV - 4th win
National League - David Silva, Buffalo - 0.95 ERA, 38 SV - 3rd win

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