Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Season 20 All-Star Coverage

The All-Star break has come and gone in season 20, so let's take a look at what went down.

The American League team was led by hurler Alberto Campos who hit double digits by making his 10th All-Star appearance.   New Britain had the most AL All-Stars with 6, and 13 different teams were represented.  8 players on the AL squad were first time All-Stars.

The NL team had a core of familiar faces, including Buffalo's Jeremy Randall making an incredible 11th All-Star appearance at age 33.  Teammates Jimmie Soto, who hit double digits himself, making his 10th All-Star team, and David Silva, making his 9th appearance, were other notables.  Honolulu slugger J.C. Ganzel made his 8th All-Star team.  It was Las Vegas, however, who ended up with the most NL All-Stars with 5, with 14 teams having players make the squad.  There were 9 first time All-Stars on the NL team.

The festivities started with the Home Run Derby, which the aforementioned J.C. Ganzel ended up winning with 36 total Home Runs.  The All-Star game itself was a blowout for the NL, as they defeated the AL 13-5, led by a 3 for 3 2 HR 4 RBI performance from MVP Albert Valenzuela of Buffalo, sealing the fact that every Buffalo All-Star got an individual mention in the recap.

Here are the complete rosters, congrats to those owners who had players make the team!

Player  Franchise  Appearance
C Richard Tateyama New Britain 2nd
1B Sherman Dunston Boise 2nd
2B Ken Ingram New Britain 2nd
3B Andy Minor Atlanta 4th
SS Delino Santana Little Rock 6th
LF Geraldo Perez New Britain 5th
CF Sidney Forbes Toronto 6th
RF Luis Guerrero New Britain 3rd
DH Bernie Jackson New York 4th
Player  Franchise  Appearance
P Ted Wagner Oakland 2nd
P Ubaldo Merced Atlanta 3rd
P Seth Davis Helena 1st
P Sidney Ruffin Helena 1st
P Alberto Campos Pawtucket 10th
P Herbert Vina Nashville 2nd
P Henry Colin Seattle 2nd
P Valerio Baez New Britain 5th
P Allan Blackley Pawtucket 2nd
P Chipper Savage Boston 1st
P Robinzon Felix Oakland 1st
P Matty Klaus Detroit 1st
P Robb Gumbs Oakland 2nd
Player  Franchise  Appearance
C Russell Berry Atlanta 3rd
1B Octavio Guerrero Detroit 1st
2B Pepper Simon Boston 2nd
3B David Frias Boston 4th
SS Banana Bergeron New Britain 2nd
LF Max Acevedo Helena 1st
CF Rex Kennedy Helena 2nd
RF B.C. Philips Pawtucket 1st

New Britain 6
Helena 4
Atlanta 3
Boston 3
Oakland 3
Pawtucket 3
Detroit 2
Boise 1
Little Rock 1
Nashville 1
New York 1
Seattle 1
Toronto 1

Player  Franchise  Appearance
C Jeremy Randall Buffalo 11th
1B Alex Sanchez Tucson 5th
2B Albert Valenzuela Buffalo 6th
3B Dingo Price Chicago 1st
SS Shaggy Keefe Las Vegas 4th
LF Scott Serrano Richmond 1st
CF Mandy Mahler Tucson 4th
RF J.C. Ganzel Honolulu 8th
Player  Franchise  Appearance
P David Silva Buffalo 9th
P Justin Jordan Tucson 5th
P Gene Bonilla Huntington 1st
P Jimmie Soto Buffalo 10th
P Nicholas Gil Las Vegas 1st
P Raul Alburquerque Burlington 1st
P Norberto Morales Richmond 2nd
P Orlando Ortiz Las Vegas 2nd
P Tony Tavarez Oklahoma City 4th
P Ralph Moseley Louisville 4th
P Boomer Lange Chicago 1st
P Geronimo Moraga Las Vegas 1st
P Hector Armas Huntington 2nd
P George Lee Huntington 1st
Player  Franchise  Appearance
C Mike Russell St. Louis 2nd
1B Brett Leach Las Vegas 3rd
2B Adrian Skinner Huntington 4th
3B Miguel Armas Syracuse 1st
SS Allen Garcia Syracuse 2nd
LF Shane Curtis Rochester 4th
CF Phil Hardy Chicago 2nd
RF Rodrigo Toregas Cleveland 1st

Las Vegas 5
Buffalo 4
Huntington 4
Chicago 3
Tucson 3
Richmond 2
Syracuse 2
Burlington 1
Cleveland 1
Honolulu 1
Louisville 1
Oklahoma City 1
Rochester 1
St. Louis 1

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