Thursday, April 23, 2015

Season 18 All-Star Coverage

The All-Star teams for Season 18 have been finalized, and we're here to bring you all of the coverage!

In the American League, the All-Star team is highlighted by Jay Borbon making his 10th appearance and Stewart Mouton making his 9th.  The AL has 10 first-time All-Stars as well.  9 teams had All-Stars with 8 of them having at least 2, with New Britain leading the way with 6. 

In the National League, six players are making at least their 7th appearance on the All-Star team, led by all-time Saves leader Jamie Mancuso, making his 11th appearance, and Jeremy Randall making his 9th.  There were only 5 first-time All-Stars on the NL squad.  12 teams had All-Stars in the NL, with 7 of them sending one player.  Buffalo had the most All-Stars with 8, followed by Honolulu with 5.

Here are the complete rosters!



Player  Franchise  Appearance
C Livan Espinoza Little Rock 6th
1B Albert Aardsma Toronto 3rd
2B Mo Ferguson Little Rock 3rd
3B Emmanuel Moya New York 1st
SS Delino Santana Little Rock 4th
LF Jose Reyes Pawtucket 3rd
CF Clay Neal Nashville 1st
RF Donaldo Borbon Boston 1st
DH Bernie Jackson New York 2nd


Player  Franchise  Appearance
P Tony Gwynn New Britain 4th
P Ubaldo Merced Atlanta 2nd
P Bobby Valent Atlanta 1st
P Herbert Davis Seattle 3rd
P Zachrey Coleman Toronto 5th
P Valerio Baez New Britain 4th
P Jay Borbon Nashville 10th
P Ham Sampson Seattle 1st
P Stewart Mouton Pawtucket 9th
P Darron Lamb Atlanta 1st
P Tito Fox Pawtucket 3rd
P Walt DeWitt Seattle 1st
P Wilfredo Torres Atlanta 2nd


Player  Franchise  Appearance
C Richard Tateyama New Britain 1st
1B Luis Guerrero New Britain 1st
2B Kyle Surtain Atlanta 3rd
3B Orber Pena Little Rock 3rd
SS Edgar Olivares Toronto 2nd
LF Geraldo Perez New Britain 3rd
CF Sidney Forbes New Britain 4th
RF Andres Veras Toronto 1st

AL All-Stars by Team
New Britain 6
Atlanta 5
Little Rock 4
Toronto 4
Pawtucket 3
Seattle 3
Nashville 2
New York 2
Boston 1



Player  Franchise  Appearance
C Jeremy Randall Buffalo 9th
1B Alex Sanchez Tucson 3rd
2B Albert Valenzuela Buffalo 4th
3B Cesar Perez Tucson 3rd
SS Shaggy Keefe Salt Lake City 3rd
LF Butch Borland Syracuse 4th
CF Brendan O'Neil Honolulu 2nd
RF J.C. Ganzel Honolulu 6th


Player  Franchise  Appearance
P David Silva Buffalo 7th
P Jamie Mancuso Memphis 11th
P Jimmie Soto Buffalo 8th
P Ellis Brock Tampa Bay 3rd
P Markus Nelson Rochester 5th
P Tommy Stoddard Syracuse 2nd
P Norberto Morales Richmond 1st
P Jim Forbes Burlington 1st
P Alberto Campos Syracuse 8th
P Justin Jordan Tucson 4th
P Tim Blair Syracuse 1st
P Rock Hubbard Richmond 1st
P Enrique Navarre Buffalo 3rd
P Rafael Acosta Buffalo 2nd


Player  Franchise  Appearance
C Carlos Mercedes Honolulu 3rd
1B Luis Navarro Oklahoma City 2nd
2B Adrian Skinner Honolulu 3rd
3B Ernie Hines Buffalo 6th
SS Rubby Bolivar Tucson 1st
LF Ivy Mench Honolulu 8th
CF Norm Hodges Santa Cruz 3rd
RF Davy Kendrick Buffalo 2nd

NL All-Stars by Team
Buffalo 8
Honolulu 5
Syracuse 4
Tucson  4
Richmond 2
Burlington 1
Memphis 1
Oklahoma City 1
Rochester 1
Salt Lake City 1
Santa Cruz 1
Tampa Bay 1

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