Monday, December 15, 2014

Season 17 Preseason Power Rankings

OK, so we're a few games into the season actually, but I did not use teams' starts as a factor, so I still consider these the preseason rankings.  Sorry for the delay!   Oklahoma City looks reloaded and ready to roll again, so they take the top spot.  St. Louis comes in at #2, with Tucson, Buffalo and New Britain following.  It will be interesting to see how it looks after the first 40 games, good luck everyone, here are the rankings!

Season 16

Team  W L   Comments
1 Oklahoma City 112 50 Bringing back another tremendous team yet again
2 St. Louis 98 64 Added stud SP Troncoso, so looking good again
3 Tucson 96 66 Excellent all-around team should be tough to beat
4 Buffalo  96 66 A perennial contender, always amongst best in pitching
5 New Britain  96 66 Very well balanced, and should be tough in the AL again
6 Detroit 97 65 Lost Orie, but should still be very good this season
7 Atlanta 82 80 Solid last year, and added some free agents 
8 Nashville  89 73 Landed our top FA Towers, so that is a plus for sure
9 Little Rock  91 71 Bringing back a solid team that should contend again
10 Tampa Bay 89 73 Defending champs, can Brock do it all for them again?
11 Seattle 91 71 Look to be bringing back pretty much the same team 
12 Salt Lake City 77 85 Very active in free agency, so we predict improvement
13 Pawtucket  97 65 Lost a couple of Type A FA's so we'll see what happens
14 Rochester 82 80 Always solid, is this the year they can break through?
15 Honolulu 86 76 Took a step back last season, but bounce back is possible
16 Toronto 89 73 Lost a few pitchers, but should still be pretty good
17 Syracuse 76 86 Added a few FA's, we'll see if the offense can improve
18 Florida 73 89 An up and coming team that has made steps forward
19 Chicago  71 91 Once again active in free agency, we'll see if they can climb
20 Richmond 77 85 We'll see what direction new ownership takes the team
21 San Juan 75 87 They're pitching staff was pretty good last season, actually
22 Oakland 75 87 They've got some decent bats, we'll see about the pitching
23 San Francisco 67 95 Pretty good on offense too, but can the arms improve?
24 Scranton 74 88 The ultimate offensive juggernaut, but pitching was bad
25 Burlington 77 85 Struggled offensively in their park, but have decent arms
26 Charlotte 67 95 New ownership here, we'll see what they can do
27 Cleveland 61 101 They seem to be making strides, but pitching an issue
28 Memphis  68 94 Offense was an issue for them, so we'll have to see
29 Helena 66 96 Former world series winner in rebuild mode it seems
30 Louisville 67 95 They've been rebuilding, so could see some callups soon
31 New Orleans 73 89 They lost some guys, as new owner makes their mark
32 Vancouver 57 105 They signed a few guys, so improvement is possible

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