Monday, November 10, 2014

Season 16 Wrapup

Tampa takes the crown in Season 16!

Season 16 of Kenny Powers has concluded and after a most intriguing postseason, Tampa Bay has been crowned the World Series Champs!   In a stacked NL playoff bracket, it seemed likely that a #6 seed could make it through, but that's exactly what happened as Tampa Bay downed Buffalo, St. Louis and Tucson before defeating Pawtucket in a hard fought 7-game series.   Tampa Bay's success can be greatly attributed to Ellis Brock, who capped off a record breaking regular season with an impressive postseason that lead to a World Series ring.  This is Tampa Bay's and original owner (and world creator) dmurphy104's first title in Kenny Powers, after watching division rival Oklahoma City hoist the trophy five times.   Congrats!

Now, let's take a look at some of the individual award winners!

American League - Sherman Dunston, San Francisco - .323 AVG 43 HR 118 RBI
Dunston is one of the premier hitters in all of Kenny Powers with elite power and splits and plus contact and batting eye.   He cashed in on his tremendous hitting skill set by taking the AL MVP award.  He also won a Silver Slugger award this season as well.  At just 25 years old, Dunston will surely rack up a slew of awards in what is sure to be a hall of fame caliber career.

National League - J.C. Ganzel, Honolulu - .313 AVG 61 HR 137 RBI
Ganzel took home his second MVP trophy, also having won it in Season 14, with a power season for the ages crushing 61 home runs.  Ganzel is also one of the elite hitting talents in all of Kenny Powers and will continue to make an impact for seasons to come, as he'll be 29 entering Season 17.  He also won a Silver Slugger award and made the All-Star team in Season 16.

American League - Ralph Moseley, Detroit - 27-3 2.48 ERA 219 K
Moseley was a pretty easy choice for AL Cy Young, given his win total was 2nd most in Kenny Powers history, to go along with the rest of his impressive numbers.  Moseley is one of the up and coming pitchers as he will be 25 going into next season.  He's officially arrived with his first Cy Young award, and has many great seasons ahead.  He also made the All-Star team in Season 16.

National League - Ellis Brock, Tampa Bay - 23-6 1.65 ERA 279 K
Brock was a no-brainer for NL Cy Young, as he had an epic season in which he broke into the top 5 single season marks in six different categories, including setting the all-time record for single season WHIP (0.84).  Brock also propelled his team to a World Series title with multiple dominant postseason performances putting him on par with real life counterpart Madison Bumgarner.  He'll be 27 going into next season, so he should be making headlines for seasons to come.

American League - Emmanuel Moya, Florida - .261 AVG 17 HR 60 RBI 50 SB
National League - Sean Hollins, Indianapolis - .303 AVG 37 HR 97 RBI

That concludes the Season 16 Wrapup!  Thanks to everyone for a great season, and look forward to another great one after a hopefully quick rollover to Season 17.  Spread the word about Kenny Powers and send anyone interested my way!

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