Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Season 15 Preseason Power Rankings

Spring Training is in full swing for Season 15, with off-season free agency yielding some interesting player movement, it's a good time to weigh in with the Preseason Power Rankings!   Always the most difficult to do not knowing exactly how player movement will affect the standings, it's fun to speculate even though they might not be the most precise.  At the top of the rankings is Oklahoma City, even though it's an odd-numbered season, they are looking strong and there is no reason to bump them from the top spot.  Honolulu comes in at #2 on the heels of signing big time Free Agent starter Stewart Mouton.  A solid Tucson squad rounds out the top 3.  There are certainly a number of other teams capable of cracking the top 3 this season, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.  Good luck to everyone in Season 15, here are the complete rankings!

Season 14

Team  W L Comments
1 Oklahoma City 101 61 Looking good, even though it's an odd numbered season
2 Honolulu 93 69 Adding Mouton should give them a nice boost 
3 Tucson 96 66 Bringing back a solid squad, should be good again
4 Buffalo  96 66 Always in the thick of things and look solid again
5 Pawtucket  98 64 Offense always gets it done, and should contend again 
6 St. Louis 94 68 Looking like a very good squad this season 
7 Nashville  85 77 Adding top FA Posada will help pitching staff greatly
8 Tampa Bay 89 73 Have a good team, is this the season it comes together?
9 Helena 88 74 Kings of the AL West should be strong this season 
10 New Britain  98 64 Lost a couple of players to FA, but should be good still
11 Pittsburgh 75 87 Very active in Free Agency, so should be improved 
12 Seattle 79 83 Added SS Nippert, can he hit in Seattle is the question
13 Durham 81 81 Also very active in Free Agency, we'll see if it pays off
14 Scranton 95 67 Offensive is there, but pitching is a bit of a question mark
15 Detroit 90 72 Losing Posada is a blow, but offense is their strength
16 Little Rock  86 76 Middle of the pack last season, but could improve 
17 Memphis  89 73 Always seem to find a way to be in it, don't count them out
18 Rochester 84 78 Seemed to underperform last season, so we'll see 
19 Cincinnati 79 83 Pitching was a strong point for them last season
20 Vancouver 79 83 The offense struggled last season, we'll see if they improve
21 Jacksonville 75 87 Making strides here, are they ready to take the next step?
22 Toronto 73 89 Took a step back last season, so not sure about them yet
23 Cleveland 75 87 Certainly capable of a few more wins this season 
24 New York  78 84 Improving, but the offense was an issue last season 
25 Salt Lake City 75 87 Franchise seems to be going in the right direction here 
26 Chicago (AL) 73 89 Pitching struggled some, but offense was pretty good
27 Oakland 64 98 Offense coming around, but pitching was weak last season
28 Indianapolis 63 99 Taking steps forward, we'll see if the offense improves 
29 Burlington 64 98 Always tough to get offense in this park, but improving 
30 San Francisco 63 99 Fell off majorly towards the end of last season, so we'll see
31 Chicago (NL) 56 106 Not really sure if this is the year they step it up some
32 Louisville 58 104 Can't really say where they are in their rebuild as of yet

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