Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Season 14 Preseason Power Rankings

Offseason free agency is over, and Spring Training is almost complete, so it's time for the Preseason Power Rankings!  A lot of familiar names at the top of the rankings, Oklahoma City is #1 and defending champion Arizona is #2 and Tucson and Tampa Bay bolt into the top 10 with some bold offseason moves.  We'll see how well they hold up throughout the season, but for now, here are your Kenny Powers Season 14 Preseason Power Rankings!

Season 13

Team  W L   Comments
1 Oklahoma City 111 51 Roster looks very strong again, plus it's an even season
2 Arizona 102 60 Defending champs should be in the picture again
3 Buffalo  97 65 Near the top the last few seasons, and should be again
4 Honolulu 101 61 Returning most of a well-balanced team from last season
5 Toronto 92 70 Strong in both pitching and hitting and should contend
6 Tucson 80 82 Was a major player in the FA market, and should improve
7 Tampa Bay 82 80 Added some FA's, but OKC in division is always tough
8 Madison 86 76 Loaded offense, the pitching was shaky last season
9 Pawtucket  87 75 We'll see if pitching improves here too, great offense 
10 Pittsburgh 82 80 Active in free agency, as original owner returns to team 
11 New Britain  92 70 Bounced back last season, can contend this season
12 Little Rock  81 81 Surprised they fell out of it last season, should be better
13 Rochester 87 75 Excellent pitching staff looks to excel yet again
14 Cincinnati 87 75 May need more offense this year to move up 
15 Memphis  87 75 Always near the top in pitching, which should continue
16 Seattle 90 72 It's tough to get offense in Seattle, which they need to do
17 Texas  87 75 Offense was stellar last year, and should be good again
18 Nashville  82 80 Great offense may be aided by some offseason pitching adds
19 Cleveland 68 94 Signed some pretty good free agents, so should improve
20 Chicago (AL) 73 89 Took steps to improve pitching, so should be better
21 Portland  63 99 Signed last year's NL MVP, which is a good sign for them
22 Detroit 73 89 Not really active in FA, we'll see what they can do 
23 Oakland 65 97 Picked up some pretty good FA's, so should improve
24 Jacksonville 66 96 May still be rebuilding, we'll see how they do
25 St. Louis 75 87 Lost a good bat in R.Young, so we'll have to wait and see
26 Vancouver 78 84 Campos won't be back, which is a major blow
27 New York  73 89 Showed improvement last season, so could be even better
28 Chicago (NL) 73 89 Pretty quiet this offseason, so not so sure what to expect
29 Louisville 78 84 Seem to be starting a rebuild, so looking to the future
30 San Francisco 66 96 New ownership should take this team in a better direction
31 Burlington 67 95 Lost a few players to Free Agency, we'll see how they do 
32 Indianapolis 61 101 Seem to be rebuilding still, so hard to tell what they will do

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